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Fatal Light Awareness
Leonard Edison's wife has a dark and frightening premonition - that her husband will die...
The Other Shore
This book of broken verses, broken thoughts, about broken feelings. This, a notebook without a...
David and the Daydreams
A children's story featuring David and the alternate world of his dreaming.
Rust Is a Form of Fire
Joe Fiorito spent 18 hours in total, over the course of three days, on the...
Via Roma: Between 2 Worlds, 2 Men
A story of love and lust with philosophical overtones, Via Roma oscillates between joy and...
Zoo and Crowbar
The Wind has mysteriously caused the death of all people on earth -- except for...
Quinze minutes de retard. Elle va bientôt arriver. Cela fait deux ans qu'elle arrive bientôt, qu'elle lui gobe quinze minutes de son temps, ou plutôt de son âme. Deux ans à raison d'une fois par semaine multipliée par quinze minutes. Paul dénombre les gouttes d'eau; le compte est difficile. Il va chercher sa calculatrice: 1500 minutes. Vingt-six heures.
Le Putain

Guy Verville
Le Putain
Intimate Dialogues
Max's Folly
The Savage Father
Cadillac Road
Sweet Hope
Where Seas and Fables Meet: Parables, Aphorisms, Fragments, Thought
Girls Closed In
The King of the Sea Monkeys
Amazon Angel
The New Vine
The Countess Plays