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Stay With Me, Lella
Johnny and Carla DiGiacomo are the hub of a big, extended conventional Italian American family....
The Blue Whale
The captivating story of a close encounter between a whale and a woman told from...
Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets
Using many right-wing extremists in North America (which means, in effect, weird Republicans), Garebian takes...
8:17 pm, rue Darling
GĂ©rard is an alcoholic and former crime reporter, gone back to live in the impoverished...
Nice People: A Collection of Dutch Short Stories
This is the second in a series of Dutch short stories edited for Guernica by...
Duo for Obstinate Voices
Duo for Obstinate Voices is set in Quebec between 1970 and 1975, against the backdrop...
Naked brilliantly illustrates the theatricalist mode Pirandello invented for dramatizing multiple points of view simultaneously. As characters unwittingly echo each other, we come to see them as aspects of one controlling consciousness, the playwright's. For ultimately, metaphysically, Pirandello's deep subject is the creative process, his characters' as well as his own. An outer, physical world of objective events thus surrounds an inner, subjective one of feelings and perceptions to form an incipient play-within-play - another of Pirandello's legacies to twentieth century theatre. Typically provocative, at once comic and tragic, Pirandello's Naked (Vestire gli ignudi) uncovers the machinery of guilt, deceit,...

Luigi Pirandello, Nina da Vinci Nichols
In the Claws of the Cat
The Boy from Aleppo Who Painted the War
Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment
A Demon in My View
The Sea-Wave
Polish[ed]: Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction
The Other Shore
The Voyageur
Talk About God & Other Stories
Fabrizio's Passion
Unholy Stories
A Hunger Artist and Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love