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This is a translation by two-time Governor-General's award-recipient Nigel Spencer of award-winning Quebecois writer Lise...
Falsipedies & Fibsiennes
Ranging from the Persian Gulf to the American South, from ancient Greece to pre-Islamic Arabia,...
Via Roma: Between 2 Worlds, 2 Men
A story of love and lust with philosophical overtones, Via Roma oscillates between joy and...
Everything I Own
Songwriter Michel Laflamme is stuck in traffic on Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge. While waiting for...
8:17 pm, rue Darling
GĂ©rard is an alcoholic and former crime reporter, gone back to live in the impoverished...
Sometimes It Snows in America
Born into Somali royalty and Saudi Arabian wealth, Fatma is given away in infancy and,...
Beginning with seductive thoughts from Neruda's memorias, and brooding over the legends of the Haida people in British Columbia (the white raven) and Italian superstitions (the black cat), the protagonist transports the reader into the world of Canadian immigration post-WW2. On the one hand, there is the memory never wiped from the mind of the protagonist who returns and sees his old hometown as it once was. Additionally, there is the suffering caused by migration. Like the hunter who, after a few years of living in Canada, returns home to enjoy the fruits of a pension -- and realizes the...

"Alone, quietly alone as always in the solitude that every man carries within, like an unforgettable relic, I am going to the convent to wash my conscience."
The light of the soul: Neruda, the white raven, the black cat
Benedetta in Guysterland
Women as Lovers
At the Copa
Lydia Thrippe!: A Critic's Diary Followed by the Lydiad
After the Fireworks
Beyond the Ruins
Doubly Suspect
The Tangible Word
Family Matters
Land for Fatimah
Octopus Intelligence