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The Eel
Writer Jack Fingon realizes too late that his life of "intuition and attraction" has produced...
Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets
Using many right-wing extremists in North America (which means, in effect, weird Republicans), Garebian takes...
Lydia Thrippe!: A Critic's Diary Followed by the Lydiad
Lydia's life is a long cultivation of the absurd, the rude and what was once...
Us Fools Believing
A homeless woman grieves her son's death. A drug addict breaks through his withdrawal and...
Fiorina: A Woman in the Wind
“We are only what we remember to be.” Within these words, which the protagonist Fiorina...
The Golden Shower: Or What Men Want
The first novel by renowned Slovene publisher, politician, and TV personality Luka Novak is an...
The accomplished stories found in this book take the reader from Cuba to the Yukon, from a parched landscape in Canada to the cool streets of southern Spain, from Toronto to the Rockies, and from the narrowing world of the dying to the wondrous expanse of a child's imagination. Uncannily adept at transporting his audience, Wade Bell's collection offers a satisfying depth of experience.
No Place Fit for a Child

Wade Bell
No Place Fit for a Child
Cadillac Road
Peace Tower
A Father's Revenge
Playing To Win
Bombay Wali & Other Stories
The Stalinist's Wife
Expulsion & Other Stories
Voiceless People and Addolorata: Two Plays
Talk About God & Other Stories
A Place of Light
Only Prostitutes Marry in May