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The Voyageur
The Voyageur is a graphic novel, illustrated by Nick Marinkovich (KENK, Marvel's When The Hulk...
Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily
Drawing on history and family legend, Anthony Di Renzo presents a tale of progress and...
Lucia's Eyes and Other Stories
The resistance of the human spirit in face of time, disloyalty, and oblivion is the...
Sister and Lovers
The two satires in this volume present a witty, yet scathing indictment of today's loveless...
Olivo Oliva
This fantastical novel opens with Pina, a young Sicilian woman, being seduced by the son...
Angelina's Lips
To be Hitchcockian about it, the story deals with the relationship between Umber, a professor...
In this collection of ten short stories, the main characters -- women between the ages of 13 to 88 -- see death appear suddenly in their daily lives: in the pages of a novel written by a former lover, in a farewell letter abandoned on a living room coffee table, in the memory of a first love. Although disturbing in their truth, these stories are written in luminous prose that reconciles us -- almost -- with that ultimate rendezvous, our own Date With Destiny.

"The teenager scans the landscape. Outside, the sun calls to her: her salmon-coloured bathing suit lies on the bed. She got it for her birthday. Salmon, what a colour! Her mother wanted to make her happy and her mother understands nothing -- From Anne ... Who Sees Nothing Coming"
Date With Destiny

Hélène Rioux, Jonathan Kaplansky
Date With Destiny
McKinley's Ghost & the Little Tin Truck
A Father's Revenge
A Mystery in Naples
The Sea-Wave
The Eel
Infertility Rites
Holy Fools + 2 Stories
Women and Lovers
A Tale of Beauty
Bombay Wali & Other Stories
Amazon Angel