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Familial Circles
Theresa Carilli demonstrates how the Italian-American family communicates in a web of never-ending conflict with...
Rust Is a Form of Fire
Joe Fiorito spent 18 hours in total, over the course of three days, on the...
The Morelli Thing
After an old man with a dark past smashes the guitar of private investigator Eliot...
Kiss of the Beggar
Whether it's Toronto, a French or Italian town, Pierre L'Abbé's stories are rich with a...
Polish[ed]: Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction
Polish(ed): Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction is the only anthology of Polish-Canadian writing in Canada...
Bridge in the Rain
Bridge in the Rain is a collection of interconnected short stories set in present day...
This is an autobiographical novel told in crisp, direct language about growing up and the politics of a creative Acadian community.
Moncton Mantra

Gérald Leblanc, Jo-Anne Elder
Moncton Mantra
The Alcoholic's Daughter
The House on Selkirk Avenue
Writing Our Way Home
Vanishing Villages
Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s
Italian Canadians At Table: A Narrative Feast in Five Courses
The Voyageur 2: Into the New World
The Tenants of the Hotel Biron
After the Fireworks
La Famille Gaetano
Exterminated Angel