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Octopus Intelligence
Set in New York, Tehran, Port au Prince and Tegucigalpa, Octopus Intelligence tells the story...
Playing To Win
The game of life. Stories about competition in sports and games and activities. The Greek...
Leper Tango
Leper Tango is an end of millennium tale of an ambulance-chasing lawyer who uses his...
The Alcoholic's Daughter
For Annie and Evan it was love at first sight. To the outside world, Annie...
Leaves on Frozen Ground
CeĢline Vaillancourt saw the untamed forest in shades of apprehension. But Edmund, her 11-year-old son,...
The King of the Sea Monkeys
Centered around a young high school teacher, The King of the Sea Monkeys is a...
Elena and Mahfouz meet in Montreal in the spring of 2008. That summer, however, Mahfouz doesn't return from a trip to Cairo, and his father is picked up and held indefinitely for unknown charges on undisclosed evidence. No longer in contact with each other, Elena and Mahfouz must separately come to terms with their historical situation, preparing for a future shaped by forces they struggle to understand.

"Straps were tightened, the mouth gagged, the board lowered, and water again flowed over mouth and nostrils. Again the convulsions and oxygen levels were monitored as they sought new evidence for the plans Mahfouz had confessed."
The Beautiful West & The Beloved of God
The Coincidence
Mankind & Other Stories of Women
Talk About God & Other Stories
8:17 pm, rue Darling
The House on Selkirk Avenue
The Morelli Thing
Manifesto for a New Theatre: Followed by Infabulation
Moncton Mantra
Exterminated Angel
Melba's Wash