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A Place of Light
Each of these impeccably crafted and sensitive stories is built around the outstanding ordinary individuals,...
Itzel II: A Three Knives Tale
In Itzel II, we continue to follow Nauta, Itzel, and Basta through the cascading outcomes...
The Alcoholic's Daughter
For Annie and Evan it was love at first sight. To the outside world, Annie...
Isabelle's Notebooks
Following the love story of painter Joseph Légaré's niece, Isabelle Forest, and novelist Philippe Aubert...
How to Tell if Your Frog Is Dead: Stories
A tour guide leads a Valentine's Day-themed ghost walk, visiting the sites of horrific, yet...
Playing To Win
The game of life. Stories about competition in sports and games and activities. The Greek...
The fourteen stories in this collection are roughly evenly divided between those set in Israel and those set in the U.S.; a couple occur in vague, exotic places including an imagined Greenland. The lead--and longest--story, “Help Me, Rhonda,” features two American immigrants in Israel, a man and a woman, the former divorced and the latter single, who meet by chance and try to navigate the difficult maze of fear, doubt, and need that their encounter prompts in them. Other stories as well put romance, or failed romance, front and center--the quest for harmony and understanding amid dissonance and confusion....

"...there was a competition between the sun and thick grey clouds, the stones of the street were damp, it was only an excuse for spring but people were milling about as if it had already arrived."
Help Me, Rhonda & Other Stories

P. David Hornik
Help Me, Rhonda & Other Stories
Talk About God & Other Stories
The King of the Sea Monkeys
Bonavere Howl
Everything I Own
Thieves Never Steal in the Rain
Holy Fools + 2 Stories
Addolorata: théâtre
The light of the soul: Neruda, the white raven, the black cat
The Goat in the Tree
Weather Permitting & Other Stories
The Eel