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Ivan Baidak
Diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome as a teenager, Adam, now a 26-year-old freelance designer, attends his first meeting at a social support group. Here he meets Anna, a charity worker with a facial hemangioma; Marta, a TV anchor with alopecia; and Eva, a make up artist with vitiligo. The following week...
A Beach in Maine
Suzanne Jacob, Susanna Finnell
In this lyrical novella, reminiscent of Marguerite Duras, Suzanne Jacob describes the poignant sojourn of twins on a Maine beach. Mourning the death of their mother, they confront their present by juxtaposing it with their past together.
A Call for Cultural Symbiosis
Jüri Talvet, H.L. Hix
In a provocative and thoughtful essay, Estonia's preeminent poet and cultural critic, Jüri Talvet, investigates the role of culture in the postmodern world. Against the large background of historical values in western and world culture, Talvet inveighs against monologues and grand narratives launched by Western centers, envisaging instead a cultural...
A Dive into My Essence
Claude Péloquin, Michel Albert, Jennifer Sullivan
This collection of prose pieces expressing the creative life of the enfant terrible of Quebecois literature represents one man's self-exploration of his life and writing. Translated from the original French version, Une plongée dans mon essentiel, published by Guernica in 1985, it is the first time Peloquin's work appears in English.
A Father's Revenge
Pan Bouyoucas, George Tombs, Daniel Sloate
A Father's Revenge is a disturbing and finely-wrought crime novel. The author takes us on the painful journey of a father in search of justice and the Quebecois detective investigating the incident. It is the fourth novel by Pan Bouyoucas.
A Hunger Artist and Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love
Georg Mordechai Langer, Franz Kafka, Menachem Wolff, Thor Polson, Elana Wolff
Kafka's writings are characterized by an extreme sensitivity manifested in absurdity, alienation, and gallows humor, and these two particular collections of short pieces, A Country Doctor (1919) and A Hunger Artist (1924), represent later works in the corpus. Poems and Songs of Love is a translation of the collection Piyyutim...
À la hauteur de Grand Central Station je me suis assise et j'ai pleuré
Elizabeth Smart, Brigid Brophy, Hélène Filion
By Grand Central Station est l'une des oeuvres les plus dénudées, les plus écorchées vives qui aient jamais été écrites. C'est un cri de totale vulnérabilité. Le fait de la voir dans la légende du satyre écorché vif rejoint sa propre imagerie puisqu'un satyre, fusion de deux créatures, est lui.
A Mystery in Naples
Ermanno Rea, Thomas Simpson
In trying to uncover why Francesca Nobili killed herself, this mystery novel searches the politically charged world of 1950s Naples, Italy. In it we find corrupt politicians, opportunistic bureaucrats, and activists tortured by their memories of when Naples lay on the front line of the Cold War. The author's own...
A Small Map of Experience: Reflections & Aphorisms
A Small Map of Experience
Reflections & Aphorisms
Leonidas Donskis, Karla Gruodis
To entail, scan and embrace more knowledge of what is and what ought to be done in fewer words -- to make a statement as short, concise, terse and pithy as possible while rendering the sights it opens as vast as possible -- is the principal intention of the practitioners...
A Still Life: Selected Poems (1960-2010)
A Still Life
Selected Poems (1960-2010)
Bernlef, Scott Rollins
His poems make you forget what poetry is. Bernlef's secret is in the way he looks at things. His attention to the ordinary, to the marginal, the so-called extra literary has not only enlarged the realm of the poetic but challenges the hierarchies and preconceived notions about what is or...
Against The Light
Tiziano Broggiato, Patricia Hanley, Maria Laura Mosco
This collection presents a bilingual Italian-English selection of the poetry of Tiziano Broggiato, winner of the prestigious Premio Montale. The translations, by Canadians Patricia Hanley and Maria Laura Mosco, bring to North American audiences the poetry of an author who has already been translated into half a dozen languages.
Aknos and Other Poems
Fulvio Caccia, Daniel Sloate
This selection is the first-time translation of Caccia's poetry which appeared in the original French-language Aknos, winner of the Governor General's Award of Canada in 1994.
All I Have Is Words
Knuts Skujenieks, Margita Gailitis
For various reasons but particularly due to political censorship, my poetry, written in prison, was published as a collection only in 1990. I myself, following several rejections by publishers, was not in a hurry to go public with the poems from those years, wanting my imprisonment experience to speak with...
Almost Love
Pierre Lepori, Peter Valente
Pierre Lepori's Almost Love (Quasi Amore) contains forty-five short stanzas, reminiscent of a lyric tradition extending from the Greek elegiac poets, such as Sappho and Mimnermus, to the Italian poet, Sandro Penna. The poems revolve around the word “love” as compared to the precariousness of life and the incompleteness of...
America: La fortune d'un nom
La fortune d'un nom
Amerigo Vespucci, Albert Ronsin
The Renaissance Florentine navigator Amerigo Vespucci made two voyages to the West, the first in 1499-1500 and the second in 1501-1502. During these expeditions, he explored over 6,000 miles of coastline and determined that the lands Columbus discovered were not islands off the continent of Asia but were part of...
Beyond The Flames
Louise Dupré, Antonio D'Alfonso
A woman, following a visit to Auschwitz, meditates on the possibility -- or impossibility -- of continuing to live, following the killing of millions in death camps. The subject is not new. But Louise Dupré makes this horror present again, while at the same time emphasizing the need to go...
Beyond the Ruins
Marco Micone, Jill MacDougall
The original version of this play, the last part of a trilogy on the theme of immigration, won the Grand Prix du Journal de Montréal in 1989.
Black Diva: Selected Poems 1982-1986
Black Diva
Selected Poems 1982-1986
Jean-Paul Daoust, Daniel Sloate
Concerned with the quest for love, this selection, specially translated by Daniel Sloate from various collections of the poet's work, is a lyrical exploration of homosexual love and the angst of solitude.
Body of Night: Selected Poems
Body of Night
Selected Poems
Gilbert Langevin, Marc Plourde
A bilingual French-English selection of poems by Governor General award-winning Quebecois poet and songwriter.
Breathing Underwater
Pablo Valdivia, Ross Woods
Pablo Valdivia's debut collection, Respirar bajo el agua (Breathing Underwater), stands as a conversation between a young man and the world around him. It is a collection tinged with aching nostalgia -- an emotion intensified by the often sterile images inspired by the Swedish and English backdrops in many of...
Broke City
Jacques Renaud, David Homel
Jacques Renaud's Le casse, translated here as Broke City, is, if nothing else, an important work in Quebecois literary history, as it was one of the first and certainly the most scandalous novel to have been written in "joual". It's not just a novel about a bunch of low-lifes scamming...
Cantos North / Cantos du nord: An English-French Bilingual Edition
Cantos North / Cantos du nord
An English-French Bilingual Edition
Henry Beissel, Arlette Francière
Epic in scope, lyrical in its celebration of nature, frequently uncompromising in its portrayal of human violence and greed, and rich in the keenly observed details -- colours, sounds, rhythms, scents, and voices -- that constitute this place we call “our home and native land,” Cantos North/Cantos du nord sings...
Changing Shores
Nadine Ltaif, Christine Tipper
One woman's emotional and cultural journey is luxuriously illustrated in this moving collection, as she artfully recounts leaving Lebanon for a new life in Canada. In a voice that blends prose with poetry, she copes with the newfound sense of rootlessness she gains in exchange for her new freedom. Though...
Choosing Eleonore
Andrée A. Gratton, Ian Thomas Shaw
Choosing Eleonore tells the story of a one-way friendship, of tragic loneliness. In it, award-winning Quebec author Andrée A. Gratton explores the syndrome of the delusion of being loved. Centred on two young women: Eleonore and Marianne, this is Marianne's story. From the first sentence, we feel that something is...
Maureen Labonté, Pan Bouyoucas
A very successful detective fiction writer, Leo Basilius, decides to bring his popular crime series to a close and take a sabbatical on the Greek island of Nysa where, as a young man, he wrote his first books - poetry and short stories. He returns there intending to write his...
Concrete City: Selected Poems
Concrete City
Selected Poems
Claude Beausoleil, Raymond Chamberlain
The retroglances and the stargazing -- Marlene Marilyn Judy Ava Rita Peggy -- the tension that produced their art -- desire modern style, style with class, desire to love within the captivating mala fide artifice of our modernity -- is what Claude Beausoleil is most sensitive to. A tangoed torsion...
Cosmic Bowling
Cornelia Hoogland, Ted Goodden
This book is a collaborative work of Ted Goodden's ceramic sculptures and Cornelia Hoogland's poems. Specifically, they are responding through image and text to the 64 hexagrams contained in the ancient book of wisdom, the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Cosmic Bowling's calm weather lands in the midst of...
Gaston Miron, Dennis Egan
The pivotal figure of Quebec literature and publishing since the fifties, Gaston Miron in this collection first published in 1975 confirmed his reputation as one of the most important Quebecois poets. For Miron, the role of language in poetry is essential and he is primarily concerned with the relation between...
Crito Di Volta: An Epic
Crito Di Volta
An Epic
Marc di Saverio
When 26-year old Crito Di Volta is released after 10 years of psychiatric institutionalization, he develops and launches Mortarismo--a new socio-political, psycho-spiritual, artistic movement-- with the aim of deinstitutionalizing, and eventually reconnecting with, all of humanity. Called a work of genius and a poem that exceeds Allen Ginsberg's Howl in...
Croton Elegies
Antonio Barolini, Helen Barolini
This collection of poetry, inspired by Antonio Barolini's residence in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, was originally published as Elegie di Croton (1959) for which it was awarded the Bagutta Literary Prize in Italy in 1960.