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The Unsaid Passing
B.W. Powe
Meditation drafts, fragments, lyric samplings, glimpses, notes, reveries, lines on the edge of disappearing, poetry close to white space gaps, glancing off mysteries, a sacred spell of reflections and soundings, ecstasies and longings. Such is B.W. Powe's book, his first new one in nine years.
The Wall of the Earth
Giorgio Caproni, Pasquale Verdicchio
The work of Giorgio Caproni has been translated into French, German, and Chinese, among others, but this collection is his first book-length English publication. His works are finely tuned to modern man's preoccupations with existence in a world deprived of certainties (for example, the existence or inexistence of God). Most...
The Weight
Ken Norris
As much as a poetry collection can be “about” anything, this book is “about” unrequited love and the death of two friends. The weights of life, love, existence, mortality. The weight of getting older. And also “the waits” of life, love, existence, mortality. The weight of waiting for things to...
then touch me here
Edvins Raups, Margita Gailitis
Contrary to the opinion expressed by some regarding the senselessness of contemporary poetry, I have always been tormented with this search for sense. Fuck it, do I or do I not make sense? And what the fuck is the sense of life around me and of me, myself ... These...
Things My Mother Told Me
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
These poems are a breath of fresh air -- luminous, feisty, heart-breaking, and fiercely honest. Maria Mazziotti Gillan's voice has the vigor and industrial grit of Grace Paley's, and there is genuine wisdom here too -- an intelligence born of direct experience of the mother-daughter mysteries.
This Cockeyed World
Jim Christy
COCKEYED: askew, crooked, intoxicated, absurd; marked by bends or angles; incongruous, not straight. In other words, Jim Christy, Canada's most iconoclastic and irreverent poet, views this cockeyed world the way it is; not only with 20/20 but x-ray vision and often through laughter and tears.
This Desert Now
Yves Préfontaine, Judith Cowan
...We started to read aloud, each in turn, from Judith Cowan's translation and my original. Then the miracle occurred: two citizens of this land breaking down word by word ...all the angry pride, the incomprehension, and the dull and stupid soliloquies that have been the distinguishing characteristic of our peoples'...
This Nothing's Place
Pasquale Verdicchio
Revealing the instability of location and the illusory nature of identity, this poetry collection traces the edges where the multidimensional blends, blurs, and merges, envisioning a place where form is formless and perception boundless. Taking its title from Emily Carr's Klee Wyck, which describes a strip of land that belongs...
Three Stations
Antonella Anedda, Ann Snodgrass
Tidal Fury
Brenda Clews
Tidal Fury intermeshes styles in narratorial strands. A love story -- he was “a literary device, and then I discovered we knew each other intimately.” An aged narcissist who wields power and invokes a subtext on the social politics of power. A poet whose muse is Medusa. Tidal Fury is...
Time Slip
John Oughton
Drawn from the author's 60-year journey through the Middle East, Japan, and North America, this collection of poems offers a variety of engaging styles, ranging from sonnets to haiku to free-form experimentation, while considering the implications of technology, science, and nature in the context of the 21st century. Including previously...
To Sleep, to Love
Ken Norris
To Sleep, To Love brings together direct and contemplative poems which read like pages in a novel. Individually fashioned to the required precision, each poem projects its full brilliance, especially when placed in the context of the narration. Love can be venerated or cursed but it remains a singular force...
Touch Earth
M. Travis Lane
This unique collection of Canadian poetry demonstrates how poems can be complex yet communicate their essence simply and directly. This selection of spiritual, wittty, and subtly textured poems is both current and lively.
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems
Trivia Thief
Selected Poems
Alberto Nessi, Marco Sonzogni
Alberto Nessi's … strength as a poet rests with his own distinctive and daring language -- a spirit level that enables him always to align himself with the subject of his verse. And, if his work is the product of a rational and realistic pessimism -- occasionally softened by irony,...
True As Moonlight
Merle Nudelman
Anticipation and awareness bud at the start of a new life and bloom with the wondrous changes that ensue. These lyrical narrative poems rejoice at the insights, emotions, and development of a newborn and her family over a brief period of years. Crafted with an artist's eye and poet's appreciation...
Twentieth Centuries
Jean-Marc Desgent, Daniel Sloate
Encompassing a range of emotions - tenderness, vengeance, desire, cruelty - this visionary poetry collection written in the first person traverses the phantom miracles and peers into the dark heart of the world.
Roger Des Roches, Antonio D'Alfonso
Translated by award-winning author Antonio D'Alfonso, this collection presents four books by prolific Quebec writer Roger Des Roches. Considered by many scholars and critics to be one of the founders of modernity in Quebec, Des Roches' writings span more than four decades and have acted as a source of inspiration...
Under My Skin
Orville Lloyd Douglas
Under My Skin asks a lot of questions, questions that demand answers: Why are young black gay men invisible in Canada's queer and black communities? Do their lives really matter? How do young black men deal with the daily challenges of dealing with multiple oppressions in relation to our race...
Lynda Monahan
Verge begins with a small fox waiting at the river's edge, symbolizing a woman at a turning point in her life. The fox lopes through the poems, at first looking back on the “cold yesterday” of childhood, then travelling with the poet as she moves through various changes and losses...
Via Diaz
Romano Perticarini, Carlo Giacobbe
This bilingual edition features the third collection of poetry from Romano Perticarini, who emigrated to Canada at the age of 33. It also earned the author a Bressani Award.
Viamerica: The Eyes
The Eyes
Giose Rimanelli, Achille Serrao, Luigi Bonaffini
Rimanelli and Serrao meet for the first time in this collection of sonnets written under the aegis of the gaze, of certain thematic and stylistic preferences that include the use of dialect, a marked experimentalism, and a transgressivity that undermines the classical model of the sonnet.
We Come From The Same Light
Danielle Fournier, Christine Tipper
Danielle Fournier was the winner of the 2010 Governor General's Award for French poetry for Effleurés de lumière (2009). To read Fournier is to plunge into the centre of a woman's heart and body -- a heart that continues to beat, to search and to hope spurred on by a...
We, the Women
Merle Nudelman
Merle Nudelman plumbs the nuances and vagaries which define our relationships and the shifting moments of lover, abuser, victim, and healer. The imagery in We, the Women is at once startling and evocative. Poems of layered scenes of domesticity and of the natural world border on the elegiac. In this...
What If Zen Gardens ...
Henry Beissel
In What If Zen Gardens …, Henry Beissel, often considered the master of the long poem, turns to the time-honoured tradition of the haiku to help bring to light what he calls “the world's hidden affairs.” Included in the collection are 19 black-and-white illustrations by Arlette Francière, themselves polished gems...
When The Rapture Comes
Max Layton
In his first collection of poetry, Max Layton takes the post apocalypse to new heights. Satirical in places, full of longing and remorse in others, the poems (each beginning with "When the rapture comes ...") bring together memories of family, trips to fantasylands, and outrageous humour. Life, in other words,...
Where The Sun Shines Best
Austin Clarke
Three Canadian soldiers awaiting deployment to Afghanistan beat a homeless man to death on the steps of their armoury after a night of heavy drinking. The poet, whose downtown Toronto home overlooks the armoury and surrounding park, describes the crime, its perpetrators, the victim, and a cast of homeless witnesses...
Ken Norris
This is Ken Norris' ninth book of poetry which takes as its epigraph a quote from Henry Miller: "When the house is torn down the bed is left standing: the cosmosexual altar." The poems in this collection engage that condition. Whirlwinds of lovers. Voices out of the whirlwind. The bed...
Within the Mystery
Jacques Brault, Gertrude Sanderson
L'ens dessous l'admirable describes Jacques Brault's inward, spiritual journey, with its risk of despair and desolation. It is essentially a grim voyage. Alone, in no man's land, drawn by the inevitability of death, tempted by the thought of release, the poet descends a dark road. There he encounters the mysterious,...
Words For What Those Men Have Done
Richard Jeffrey Newman
Richard Jeffrey Newman's collection of poems, Words for What Those Men Have Done, continues the exploration he began in The Silence of Men of how surviving childhood sexual violence has shaped his life as a man. Where The Silence of Men focused on ending the silence in which the men...
You Speak to Me in Trees
Elana Wolff
In these poems, told from the writer's home on the outskirts of the city, dreams recur, lore emerges, memory merges with imagination, artifice with nature, and the physical with other possibilities. In choosing Elana Wolff as the 2004 Lichen Serial Poet, poet and critic David Solway writes of the winning...