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Tasting Fire
Isabella Colalillo Katz
These poems are the living record of Katz' experiences, passions and reflections. Her writings speak of the transitions and changes in her cultural self, her maturing feminism, her encounters with destiny, history and nature. She writes to see more deeply, for the enchantment of words, the haunting spell of images...
The Alchemy of the Body and Other Poems
Juan Garcia, Marc Plourde
I listened to your prayer, I listened to the sun burning in the leaves, I listened to it passing very near to men and women in a state of quiet possession, I listened from a distance to the inner-life lived out and I could no longer distinguish between night and...
The All Nighter's Radio
M. Travis Lane
Travis Lane offers a world intensified, as if each starfish, hummingbird, and blade of Bermuda grass were seen through a magnifying glass. Revealing things in their vivid complexity, she also gives us a wider, larger vision of all that lies before us. This strong, sharply intelligent collection of poems is...
The Blueness of Light: Selected Poems: 1988-2002
The Blueness of Light
Selected Poems: 1988-2002
Louise Dupré, Antonio D'Alfonso
Man and woman emerge from the night and wager everything they have in order to assure their own survival. Intransigence of this kind is tolerable only if tempered by tenderness, and we find plenty of gentleness in these pages. This is a translation of selected poems which Louise Dupré herself...
The Bones of His Being
Sue Chenette
In unflinching lyrics, Sue Chenette confronts her father's depression and death. Probing memories, fingering mementos -- a square nail, a sketch on a napkin -- she examines them for what they may reveal of the father she was sure she knew, deepened, in death, into the mystery of his own...
The Bread We Ate
Rina Ferrarelli
In The Bread We Ate, Rina Ferrarelli continues the work begun in Dreamsearch (Malafemmina Press) and Home is a Foreign Country (Eadmer Press) of putting into words her own struggles with displacement and loss, with the language and culture -- misinterpretations and misidentification -- but also those of the people...
The Bursting Test
Linda Rogers
These poems test the capacity of individuals, families, communities, and the earth itself to stand the pressures of modern life. They walk the tightrope over the chasm between male and female, love and hate, child and adult, war and peace, and now and forever, attempting to find balance and reconcile...
The Circular Incantation: An Exercise in Loss and Findings
The Circular Incantation
An Exercise in Loss and Findings
Irene Marques
The incantation you find in this surprising collection is multifaceted and complex: the intimate personal, the familial and the local appear effortlessly intertwined with the collective socio-political, the mystical, the mythical, the religious, the ecological, the tribal and the cosmic. The often obvious references to specific countries like Portugal, Canada...
The Clarity of Voices: Selected Poems 1974-1981
The Clarity of Voices
Selected Poems 1974-1981
Philippe Haeck, Antonio D'Alfonso
The quest for the named word leads Philippe Haeck to adopt a transparency of style rare among the poets of his generation. Poetry rises from modesty and is the expression of the spirit of a people and the individual's imagination. It is a political and literary imaginaire.
The Cure Is a Forest
Desi Di Nardo
The Cure Is a Forest probes the various processes of growth and transformation among all living things in deep ecology. An element of animism permeates throughout the poems which are set in and against the backdrop of Canada's ecotones, greenwoods, and lakes. The Cure Is a Forest is an odyssey...
The Daring of Paradise
Brian Day
The Daring of Paradise reconfigures stories and images from both multiple religions and from fairy tales, cracking them open to release new light. Poems probe the intense devotion in the letters of Paul and the sensuality shimmering within the traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. They cast lines...
The Divine Genome
Thomas Krampf
Perhaps in one sense, according to the author, Thomas Krampf's new book of poems, The Divine Genome, might just be another stop on a long spiritual and poetic journey. This would have begun a number of years ago with the publication of his first book, Subway Prayer and Other Poems...
Jill Battson's highly anticipated collection of poems, The Ecstatic Torture of Gratitude, pushes deep into the heart of the human condition. In lush and visceral language Jill explores loss, beauty, nature, Francis Bacon's ordered hoarding and the meaning of Martha Stewart. Jill's poems whisper like muted Miles Davis tunes melancholy...
The Examined Life
Luciano Iacobelli
A collection of poems, concrete poems and illustrations, The Examined Life unearths the lyricism buried deep in the language and ideas of western philosophy. It tinkers with that lyricism, bends it, crafts it into a multi-shaped, multi-voiced dynamic poetry that succeeds in capturing thought in transit as it crosses both...
The Fat Man Arpeggios
Pellegrino D'Acierno
In The Fat Man Arpeggios, Pellegrino D'Acierno presents a ludic portrait of the Fat Man -- a metaphysical dandy and “foolosopher” -- who voices, through the lightness of arpeggios, his existential and amorous dilemmas.
The Fertile Crescent
Karen Shenfeld
Ancient and medieval Jewish travellers are brought to poetic life amidst images garnered from the poet's personal journeys crossing the Sahara Desert and voyaging down the Congo River.
The Graph of Roads: Selected Poems 1968-1999
The Graph of Roads
Selected Poems 1968-1999
Gilles Cyr, Patrick Williamson, Gerald Mangan, Patrick Borna, Yann Lovelock
Full of astute observations and subtle reflections, this collection explores the nature of seeing. Rather than hollowly exploiting what is seen, the author struggles to achieve wholeness by making vital connections between sight, speech, and their origins.
The He We Knew
Merle Nudelman
Courageous and astute, this collection of poems, written in varied styles, explores the emotional upheavals caused by the estrangement of a son. Weaving together complex layers of personal history, these poems capture the poet's personal journey in trying to understand how these things happen in families and the process towards reconciliation.
The Herb Garden
David Solway
Bartholomew the Englishman was a 13th century Franciscan friar and scholar whose only surviving work, De proprietatibus rerum (The Properties of Things), was intended as an encyclopaedia of the world. The Herb Garden is an imaginary representation of what his herbarium might have looked like. The dialect of the collection...
The House Is Past: Poems 1978-1998
The House Is Past
Poems 1978-1998
Pasquale Verdicchio
This collection brings together writing from a period spanning 1978-1998. It is the compilation of a portion of a life spent in a language that is borrowed and adapted, the document of an instance of cultural transition and transformation. The poetic trajectory is not simply linear and transformative, because Pasquale...
The Irrelevant Man
Antonio D'Alfonso
What are the excuses that bring a man to count the sentence beats that his body pronounces? He could have, he should have won his bread and butter dancing in some cabaret. At least, there, he would have helped the working man and woman to forget their fatigue. But no,...
The Man Who Delivers Clouds
José Acquelin, Antonio D'Alfonso
This selection of poems offers the reader a good introduction to a poet of oxymorons, the poet who brings light out of the darkness. Born and living in Montreal, José Acquelin is known to be a poet open wide to the world. He is the author of fifteen poetry collections...
The poems in The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions were written over a 25-year period between about 1993 and 2018. They were written as they came to me. Where they came from I have no idea. Something strikes me, bugs me for a period of time, and gets written as...
The Metamorphoses of Ishtar
Nadine Ltaif, John Mikhail Asfour
The imaginary world of Lebanese Canadian exiled poet Nadine Ltaif is rooted in the context of middle-eastern geography and mythology. Any attempt at understanding her poetic experience must be anchored in Mediterranean symbolism. The analysis of these Mediterranean symbols reveals a metaphysical process or a quest which begins with the...
The Missing Field
Jennifer Zilm
Jennifer Zilm's second poetry collection, The Missing Field, concerns themes of translation, preservation and the engagement with the transitory documents of everyday life--whether a snapshot of a Vancouver bus, postcards from the Middle East, lecture notes on Euripides, a van Gogh museum catalogue or marginalia in a water-damaged collection of...
The Moon Knows No Boundary
Mary Tilberg
The poems in this collection describe the survival of love and family during times of war. Spanning early-20th-century Russia to the present day, each war and upheaval is described as both a failure of peace and another step backward. The deeply antiwar poems attest to the survival of human love...
The Night Will Be Insistent: Selected Poems 1987-2002
The Night Will Be Insistent
Selected Poems 1987-2002
Denise Desautels, Daniel Sloate
The writings of Denise Desautels have circulated in Quebec and Europe for some thirty years. She is considered one of the most talented poets in Quebec, often taking inspiration from the visual arts. As her translator, I was very conscious of this aspect of her work, and when various choices...
The Other Shore
Antonio D'Alfonso
This book of broken verses, broken thoughts, about broken feelings. This, a notebook without a beginning, without an end, only a flowing towards being, a growing; contradictions and explanations.
The Passions of Mr. Desire: Selected Poems
André Roy, Daniel Sloate
André Roy's poetic universe is rich in imagery which can, at first glance, be disquieting. The version here, as in all worthwhile poetry, is unique, deeply personal but presented with the craftsman's gift for making his personal perspective on things important to others. His texts are pleasure recollected in tranquility...
The Place Where Your Soul Dwells
Carole David, Nora Alleyn
Poets speak the unspeakable. Carole David's poems exude the smell of life in the raw. She excavates the human landscape. She goes for the jugular. Softly. David's literary heroes include Sylvia Plath, Ann Sexton, the Beat generation. Her early prose-poems are stark and questioning. They placed her outside the Quebec...