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A Bride in Three Acts
Mary Melfi
Mary Melfi's poetry is, despite its use of tough, surprising, visual comparisons, very direct. Her words strike like a hammer on a nail. The images arise from our highly technological world. Melfi does not care for lace gloves, Persian carpets, or the panoramas of Northern intangible greenery. Whatever lifts man...
A God Hangs Upside Down
Joseph Maviglia
A God Hangs Upside Down is the first full-length collection by poet and singer-songwriter Joseph Maviglia. Beginning with reflexive narrative as the poet travels through Southern Italy, the focus shifts to North America and portraits of a working-class family and the pulsating energy of the construction job site. Combining elements...
A Housecoat Remains
Tina Biello
This collection of poems tells a multi-layered story between worlds: old country vs. new, traditional life vs. modern, health vs. illness. Biello takes us on a journey between these worlds and shows us how mother, father and daughter cope with loss and re-discover each other through the difficult illness of...
A Mingus Lullaby
Dane Swan
Charles Mingus, the renowned musician, composer and civil rights activist, claimed to be three people, was married to one of his wives by Ginsberg, and collaborated with such luminaries as Langston Hughes and Joni Mitchell. Twelve of the poems in A Mingus Lullaby explore moments in his life, compositions, performances,...
A New Geography of Time
Robert Viscusi
In these poems, objects are occasions in outline. Dogs, cats, pianos, cappuccino, hair dye, snowshoes, parsley, and black raspberries do not simply lie there. They act upon one another and upon us. They demonstrate the laws of time. One birthday is a hundred birthdays. One city disappears into another.
A Place in the World
Robert Flanagan
Existentialist in approach, this collection of tightly woven, abstract poems explores ageing and what it means to not be young anymore.
A Prayer
Emanuel di Pasquale
A Prayer connects the reader to nature, in a lyrical, life-affirmative manner. The poems are imagistic and open the reader to the divinity that surrounds her/him, both within and without.
Mary Melfi's poem and prose pieces seem to arise from the same isolation, solitude or loneliness which is the foundation of her psyche; a self-contained, closed world the rules of which are unique, similar to no one else's, rules which follow the logic of dreams and not that of public...
The poetic vision of A Taste of Earth, A Taste of Flame is timeless. It is also a work rooted in the thought of our own era. Though man does not escape his predicament, our own era has perhaps made him more aware than ever before of his destiny. But...
Absurdity, Woe Is Me, Glory Be
J. J. Steinfeld
The 100 wide-ranging and idiosyncratic poems of Absurdity, Woe Is Me, Glory Be confront, grapple with, explore, argue with, and ultimately embrace the human condition as they wend their way through the worldly and the otherworldly aspects of absurdity and existence, the ordinary and the extraordinary spheres of being. They...
After the End
David Sobelman
After the End is a sequence of linked narrative poems, revealing a philosophical encounter between various necessary polarities: eye and ear, faith and reason, mythos and logos, essence and existence, as well as the connecting bridge, the corpus callosum, between them. The bridge is the a priori medium of language...
after words
Stan Rogal
The idea for this collection was to offer a tip of the hat to people whose lives and/or works have influenced the author. Each piece is forwarded by a short background story as well as an epigram which provides some descriptive entry and flavour. The key was to construct these...
Aknos and Other Poems
Fulvio Caccia, Daniel Sloate
This selection is the first-time translation of Caccia's poetry which appeared in the original French-language Aknos, winner of the Governor General's Award of Canada in 1994.
Albino Pierro: Selected Poems
Albino Pierro
Selected Poems
Albino Pierro, Luigi Bonaffini
With its dark, lamenting style and vision, Albino Pierro's poetry was often described as the work of a sorceror or shaman. One of the most distinguished composers of dialect poetry in the 20th century, Pierro's verse is presented here in both his archaic Lucan Italian vernacular and in English.
All That Lies Between Us
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Constructed in the form of a memoir, these poems take on an emotional tone as the author details the story of her life. The collection is populated by her memories of childhood, courtships and marriage, family illness, children, and grandchildren. At its core is a woman struggling to deal with...
And Light Remains
Isabella Colalillo Katz
In this new book, And Light Remains, Isabella Colalillo-Katz mobilizes a poignant poesis to probe the divinities of the heart and its mnemonic trajectories. These poems are stark meditations, imagistic, hopeful and lyrical, on the paradigmatic nature of love and truth. They report the invocative experiences of a searching metaphysic...
Approaches to Absence
Pasquale Verdicchio
Home is established by our relationship to the world around us, wherever we are. Nevertheless, we also occupy the places of our absence. Culture is constructed, in passing through a place, in what is taken with the departure, in what is left behind. Culture is a matter of subtraction and...
Arms: New and Selected Poems
New and Selected Poems
Laura Boss
Laura Boss has continued and expanded her story of the complexity of survival in the increasingly dangerous world of contemporary relationships.
At the Moonbean Café
Malca Litovitz
This collection of poems is imbued with a poetic voice of groundlessness, detailing the winding, transitory nature of every relationship. Often engaging feelings of loss and harmony simultaneously, the poems in this collection find beauty in the bleakest moments.
Autostrada per la luna
Silvano Zamaro
In queste pagine che si decide un esempio di vita, / di prospettive, di rinunce./ Mi hai capito,/ legato/ guidato dove volevi;/ eccomi qui a finire questo giorno nel cortile,/ sotto la pioggia,/ a scrivere pensieri di gesso/ ad aspettare che tu venga a parlarmi,/ a dimri di non andarmene./...
Brian Day
This new take on Hindu mythology includes poems inspired by South Asian stories and covers the dealings of Vishnu, human avatars Rama and Krishna, and the relationship between Rama and his wife Sita.
Backscatter: New and Selected Poems
New and Selected Poems
Raymond Filip
At the age of eighteen, Raymond Filip wrote 'I am a citizen of the world in exile'. Thirty years later, Filip's ethno-eccentric vision has remained prescient and true. Born in a displaced persons camp after World War II, Lithuanian by blood, Canadian by citizenship, a Quebecker by homing instinct, and...
Elana Wolff
The poems in Elana Wolff's first collection, Birdheart, trace a summer's trip from Toronto to the American west coast and back. These short, melodious pieces distill doubt, loss, beauty, and accommodation using flowers, animals, and people as their instruments. Each poem reads as a lyric unto its own, as well...
Black Diva: Selected Poems 1982-1986
Black Diva
Selected Poems 1982-1986
Jean-Paul Daoust, Daniel Sloate
Concerned with the quest for love, this selection, specially translated by Daniel Sloate from various collections of the poet's work, is a lyrical exploration of homosexual love and the angst of solitude.
Black Tongue
Antonio D'Alfonso
Antonio D'Alfonso's verse is sans the ornaments or relics of mercy. He is anything but frugal with his wrath or passion. He explores human instinct and feeling, and presents them for the delicate beasts they are. There is little, it seems, in this world which is above contempt or incapable...
Blue Ashes: Selected Poems (1982-1998)
Blue Ashes
Selected Poems (1982-1998)
Jean-Paul Daoust, Daniel Sloate
Gay literature will never be the same after this book. This book is unique in its sensitivity to a universe of forbidden love and sex between a man in his early twenties and a boy of six and half years. This book won in the original French the Governor General's...
Body of Night: Selected Poems
Body of Night
Selected Poems
Gilbert Langevin, Marc Plourde
A bilingual French-English selection of poems by Governor General award-winning Quebecois poet and songwriter.
Scott Rollins
Borderlines is the first major collection of Scott Rollins' work. It reflects the fruits of his extensive investigations into workings of the soul in its various guises.
Borrowed Light
Merle Nudelman
Weaving together complex layers of personal and political history, this collection of poems traces a Jewish family's path from 1930s Europe to 21st-century Canada. Recalling the delicate, enduring family bonds that have held fast through war and peacetime, these poems find lyric expression for the past century's traumas, large and small.
Breccia: Selected Poems 1972-1986
Selected Poems 1972-1986
Pierre Joris