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The Passions of Mr. Desire: Selected Poems
André Roy, Daniel Sloate
André Roy's poetic universe is rich in imagery which can, at first glance, be disquieting. The version here, as in all worthwhile poetry, is unique, deeply personal but presented with the craftsman's gift for making his personal perspective on things important to others. His texts are pleasure recollected in tranquility...
The Perfect Archive
Paul Lisson
At the core of the dry and purposeful language of Library Science and the Rules of Archival Practice is an Orwellian impulse that serves as a lens through which to consider what Hannah Arendt famously called “the banality of evil.” The Perfect Archive is a story in verse about an...
The Place Where Your Soul Dwells
Carole David, Nora Alleyn
Poets speak the unspeakable. Carole David's poems exude the smell of life in the raw. She excavates the human landscape. She goes for the jugular. Softly. David's literary heroes include Sylvia Plath, Ann Sexton, the Beat generation. Her early prose-poems are stark and questioning. They placed her outside the Quebec...
The Plural of Some Things
Desi Di Nardo
Written with a probingly sensitive eye, this collection of poems illuminates the subtle and poignant moments in life-moments that cause people to grow and, occasionally, to digress as individuals. Greatly emphasizing musicality, this compilation re-examines the common aspects of everyday life from a female perspective. The urban world and its...
The Tenderness and the Wood
Marlon L. Fick
The Tenderness and the Wood traverses cities, continents, and centuries searching for elusive swallows, symbolic of angels. It is a search for pre-religious purity in lyricism, resisting any sort of paraphrase or story that might later lead to easy codification. The result is an existential and agnostic gospel wherein redemption...
The Tough Romance
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
The 1979 publication of The Tough Romance established Pier Giorgio di Cicco as the foremost lyric poet of his generation. The book catalyzed a vibrant Italian-Canadian poesis and pioneered use of Latin-American poetics and "deep-imagism" in Canadian poetry.
The Two-Headed Man: Collected Poems 1970-2020
The Two-Headed Man
Collected Poems 1970-2020
Antonio D'Alfonso
The collected poetry, covering a 50-year span from 1970 to 2020, of one of Canada's most influential writers, literary critics and publishers. His work has been described as a "multidimensional oeuvre that includes autobiography, politics, the quotidian, myth, tragedy and humor." And D'Alfonso himself has been called "a philosopher who...
The Unsaid Passing
B.W. Powe
Meditation drafts, fragments, lyric samplings, glimpses, notes, reveries, lines on the edge of disappearing, poetry close to white space gaps, glancing off mysteries, a sacred spell of reflections and soundings, ecstasies and longings. Such is B.W. Powe's book, his first new one in nine years.
The Wall of the Earth
Giorgio Caproni, Pasquale Verdicchio
The work of Giorgio Caproni has been translated into French, German, and Chinese, among others, but this collection is his first book-length English publication. His works are finely tuned to modern man's preoccupations with existence in a world deprived of certainties (for example, the existence or inexistence of God). Most...
The Weight
Ken Norris
As much as a poetry collection can be “about” anything, this book is “about” unrequited love and the death of two friends. The weights of life, love, existence, mortality. The weight of getting older. And also “the waits” of life, love, existence, mortality. The weight of waiting for things to...
The Woman I Am
Dorothy Livesay
Spanning fifty years, these poems of love, sexuality, motherhood, loneliness, old age, and death are culled from the lifetime of Dorothy Livesay's expression of the woman she is. This selection was chosen by Dorothy Livesay herself.
then touch me here
Edvins Raups, Margita Gailitis
Contrary to the opinion expressed by some regarding the senselessness of contemporary poetry, I have always been tormented with this search for sense. Fuck it, do I or do I not make sense? And what the fuck is the sense of life around me and of me, myself ... These...
Thérèse for Joy and Orchestra
Hélène Monette, Jo-Anne Elder
Hélène Monette wrote this book to honour her sister Thérèse, who passed away in 2005. True to her sister's vision, the poet explores the wonder inhabiting the present moment. With this collection, which was awarded the prestigious Governor General's Award in 2009, the poet offers a celebration of the bond...
Things My Mother Told Me
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
These poems are a breath of fresh air -- luminous, feisty, heart-breaking, and fiercely honest. Maria Mazziotti Gillan's voice has the vigor and industrial grit of Grace Paley's, and there is genuine wisdom here too -- an intelligence born of direct experience of the mother-daughter mysteries.
Things That Fall
Denise Desautels, Alisa Belanger
In French, Tombeau de Lou. At its origin, the death of the childhood friend, the chosen sister, swept away by a sudden cancer. She was fifty-three. Like the poet. The one who remains, the survivor, the inconsolable woman. That's the anecdote. Afterwards -- if an afterwards is possible, the urgency...
Thirteen Ways of Crossing the Piazza: Collected Poems
Pellegrino D'Acierno
Roman poems set in the Piazza Navona that stage a fundamental encounter with both Rome and Italy, one that involves writing/desiring Italy. They experiment with a number of different voices and poetic styles and they present a montage of voices of diverse characters that range from an aristocratic flâneur...
This Cockeyed World
Jim Christy
COCKEYED: askew, crooked, intoxicated, absurd; marked by bends or angles; incongruous, not straight. In other words, Jim Christy, Canada's most iconoclastic and irreverent poet, views this cockeyed world the way it is; not only with 20/20 but x-ray vision and often through laughter and tears.
This Desert Now
Yves Préfontaine, Judith Elaine Cowan
...We started to read aloud, each in turn, from Judith Cowan's translation and my original. Then the miracle occurred: two citizens of this land breaking down word by word ...all the angry pride, the incomprehension, and the dull and stupid soliloquies that have been the distinguishing characteristic of our peoples'...
This Nothing's Place
Pasquale Verdicchio
Revealing the instability of location and the illusory nature of identity, this poetry collection traces the edges where the multidimensional blends, blurs, and merges, envisioning a place where form is formless and perception boundless. Taking its title from Emily Carr's Klee Wyck, which describes a strip of land that belongs...
This Way Home: Selected and New Work
This Way Home
Selected and New Work
Gianna Patriarca
This book contains selections from Gianna Patriarca's previously published poetry books, as well as a number of new poems. It is a collection written by a woman in a time when the support and the encouragement was as limited as visibility. In many ways it is a collection of...
Marrying the precise yet nuanced language of his earlier work with new, invented vocabularies and usages, Nicola Vulpe draws deep into the origins of language to confront what it means to write poetry or attempt any artistic endeavour, or, indeed, continue in a world where so many of us struggle,...
Tidal Fury
Brenda Clews
Tidal Fury intermeshes styles in narratorial strands. A love story -- he was “a literary device, and then I discovered we knew each other intimately.” An aged narcissist who wields power and invokes a subtext on the social politics of power. A poet whose muse is Medusa. Tidal Fury is...
Time Slip
John Oughton
Drawn from the author's 60-year journey through the Middle East, Japan, and North America, this collection of poems offers a variety of engaging styles, ranging from sonnets to haiku to free-form experimentation, while considering the implications of technology, science, and nature in the context of the 21st century. Including previously...
To Sleep, to Love
Ken Norris
To Sleep, To Love brings together direct and contemplative poems which read like pages in a novel. Individually fashioned to the required precision, each poem projects its full brilliance, especially when placed in the context of the narration. Love can be venerated or cursed but it remains a singular force...
Touch Earth
M. Travis Lane
This unique collection of Canadian poetry demonstrates how poems can be complex yet communicate their essence simply and directly. This selection of spiritual, wittty, and subtly textured poems is both current and lively.
Travelling The Lost Highway: Poems 2011 -- 2018
Travelling The Lost Highway
Poems 2011 -- 2018
James Deahl
Travelling The Lost Highway collects the poetry James Deahl has written from 2011 to 2018. It contains themes such as the poet's responsibility to nature, the necessity and beauty of love, elegies, and the vulnerability, yet surprising resilience, of all life. Central to the book is a series twenty-two travel...
Trivia Thief: Selected Poems
Trivia Thief
Selected Poems
Alberto Nessi, Marco Sonzogni
Alberto Nessi's … strength as a poet rests with his own distinctive and daring language -- a spirit level that enables him always to align himself with the subject of his verse. And, if his work is the product of a rational and realistic pessimism -- occasionally softened by irony,...
True As Moonlight
Merle Nudelman
Anticipation and awareness bud at the start of a new life and bloom with the wondrous changes that ensue. These lyrical narrative poems rejoice at the insights, emotions, and development of a newborn and her family over a brief period of years. Crafted with an artist's eye and poet's appreciation...
Twentieth Centuries
Jean-Marc Desgent, Daniel Sloate
Encompassing a range of emotions - tenderness, vengeance, desire, cruelty - this visionary poetry collection written in the first person traverses the phantom miracles and peers into the dark heart of the world.
Under My Skin
Orville Lloyd Douglas
Under My Skin asks a lot of questions, questions that demand answers: Why are young black gay men invisible in Canada's queer and black communities? Do their lives really matter? How do young black men deal with the daily challenges of dealing with multiple oppressions in relation to our race...