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Loyalty to the Hunt
Dorina Michelutti
Marie Uguay: Selected Poems 1975-1981
Marie Uguay
Selected Poems 1975-1981
Marie Uguay, Daniel Sloate
This is a translation of a selection of Marie Uguay's poems from the three books she wrote before her death: Signe et rumeur (1976), L'outre-vie (1979), and a posthumous volume, Autoportraits (1982). The three collections, including previously unpublished texts, were republished in 1986 under the title Poems.
Marimba Forever
Jim Christy
The poetry in Marimba Forever is concerned with love and longing, which the author displays in all their multifarious guises. Many of the poems can be regarded as small films: nourish, action, farce or slapstick; others call music to mind: a tenor saxophone improvising on a standard melody in the...
Elana Wolff
Weaving homage and history, this collection of poetry was inspired by the life of Charlotte Saloman, the Berlin-born artist who perished at Auschwitz. Saloman was the author of Life? Or Theatre? an evocative fictionalized autobiography in paint that Saloman described as a means of conquering death. Bringing together biography and...
math for couples
Adele Graf
In math for couples, we re-visit the past to discover our place in the contemporary world. A long-dead father watches his daughter work on her Mac, a woman converses with a photo of her young self. Adele Graf leads us on a journey that is rich and hopeful, evoking powerful...
Mediterranean Men
Nick Mancuso
Modern poetry is combined with a classical theme in this complex and turbulent incantational anthology from internationally recognized actor Nick Mancuso.
Melusine: A Ballad and a Diary
A Ballad and a Diary
Antonio Porta, Anthony Molino
Written towards the end of an ever evolving career in poetic form and political intent, Melusine possesses the urgency of a summary statement concerning life and art … Melusine underscores Porta's rational optimism which advises us to seek always those unimaginable utopias of historical difference lying just beyond the perimeters...
Mirror Image
Len Gasparini
In Mirror Image, Len Gasparini conflates lyrical poetry and prose into one voice, a voice that recalls the rock-and-roll Fifties, and then segues into a woman's dramatic monologue, followed by two maverick poets philosophizing on women and sexuality, and concludes with a narrative tinged with nostalgia and tempered with irony.
Mirrors of Absence
Faraj Bayrakdar, John Mikhail Asfour
Mirrors of Absence taps into three under-examined subjects: issues concerning how the poet survives under tyrannical regimes; how the notion of “imprisonment” affects identity; and the concept of freedom that is so essential to every human being. -- John Mikhail Asfour
Molisan Poems: Selected Poems
Molisan Poems
Selected Poems
Eugenio Cirese, Luigi Bonaffini
Although unknown in North America, Eugenio Cirese is one of Italy's most accomplished dialect poets, and the only dialect poet from the region of Molise to be included in national anthologies, such as the one edited by Pier Paolo Pasolini and Dell'Arco (1954). In the extremely varied landscape of Italian...
Moon On Wild Grasses
Keith Garebian
Moon on Wild Grasses, with illustrations by the author, shows the unsuspected scope of a very concise, precise poetic form. Keith Garebian's haiku encompass a wide range of themes in a vividly elegant style that combines the pictorial with the passionate, erotic or reflective. Nature, empirical experience, the self, love,...
Moving Landscape
Pasquale Verdicchio
Karen Shenfeld's careful, concentrated language draws the reader in. Her's is a charged, physical world where figure skates are "a shock of alpine white," and the Torah's "crowned letters dance." It is also a world marked by profound metaphysical connections where fireflies flash "coded signals of their secret selves." There...
Navy Blue
Steve Meagher
Broken hymns. Desperate prayers. Tales of first heroes. Stories of the street. The poems in Navy Blue walk the middle ground between sorrow and salvation, tackling themes of devotion, regret, innocence lost and mortality through an array of dark landscapes and narratives of the dispossessed. Written in sharp and urgent...
Newer Lies
Dan Jalowica
These meticulous, skillful, and endlessly revealing poems are astounding in their restraint and delicate comprehension of the natural world. Minimal language and brief verses contribute to the precise imagery illustrated in these gorgeously spare narrative lyrics. From East Coker to Northern Ontario, the fine line between poetry and deceit lurks,...
News from the Blockade and Other Poems
Egito Gonçalves, Alexis Levitin
This translation shows precisely why Egito Gonçalves is considered one of Portugal's most important poets. This fine international poet dances between love lyrics, ironic observations, and trenchant political commentary.
Night Coach
Marco Fraticelli
Haiku with illustrations: "Words as precision instruments, delicate as the stiletto tip. And as deadly. Fraticelli believes in the absolute moment, and captures it within the flicker of the eternal instant." -- News & Chronicle
Nomadic Trajectory
Pasquale Verdicchio
There is always distance in language. Readers and writers move in this distance, between the innumerable points that define their positions. The poems of Nomadic Trajectory are but notations of absence and displacement. A nomad reads the landscape s/he travels, considering all the changes that may have taken place since...
Not Just a Personal Ad
Vittoria Repetto
Vittoria repetto is a subtle poet who has preserved her working class sensibility and her taste for the actual language of daily life while maintaining an acute ear for literary echoes. From the first poem where she places her grandparents young and in love right in front of us, to...
Of Dissonance and Shadows
Daniel Sloate
This volume brings together all the poems Daniel Sloate has written to date: "The collected poems in this book include many of my earliest and latest texts, some going back to the late 1950s and the most recent to the end of the last century. They constitute a mood map...
Of Snow, of Soul
Jüri Talvet, H.L. Hix
Of Snow, of Soul offers a substantial selection from each of Talvet's three most recent poetry books, Kas sul viinamarju ka on? (Do You Also Have Grapes?, 2001), Unest, lumest (Of Dreams, of Snow, 2005) and Silmad peksavad une seinu (Eyes Beat the Walls of Sleep, 2008).
Office Politics
Mary Melfi
This is no sociological treatise set to free verse. Nor is it a lighthearted comedy la Dolly Parton and Lilly Tomlin. The poet records with a practised and steady hand.
On Order and Things
Stefan Psenak, Antonio D'Alfonso
On Order and Things is the story of an impossible love between a man and a woman. Confused characters living in a senseless world where love and creativity are irrelevant. This poetic narrative is for all of us.
George Whipple
Haunting and memorable, the poems in this collection exhibit a sensuous command of language. They are written in the new formalism, a refreshing change from the spate of free verse that has lately dominated the poetry scene. In each poem, Whipple plays with assonance, rhythm, and intermittent rhyme to intensify...
Orioles in the Oranges
Melanie Janisse
Orioles in the Oranges is an exquisitely told story of a destructive modern love, woven together with a famous Métis legend of Pelee Island - involving a young woman who plunged to her death in Lake Erie after being abandoned by her English husband. Janisse's own Metis heritage, as well...
Our Obsidian Tongues
David Shook
David Shook's debut collection employs the city as a lens through which to explore the multiplicity of voices that inhabit it, cannibalizing a wide range of his predecessors -- from the Classical Nahuatl singers of the Aztec empire to the contemporary poets of Mexico City -- to scrape away the...
Panick Love
Antonio D'Alfonso
This long prose poem is the author's translation of the original French version L'Amour panique (1987). The poem serves as a link between Italy and Montreal, analyzing the essence of identity. Set in Paris, this poem is a contemporary exploration of the myth of Ulysses where the personal, the cultural,...
Paper Wings
Rosemary Clewes
Paper Wings is a collection of poems in five parts, seen through the lens of history, geography, familial loss and celebration. Whether travelling by icebreaker, kayak or on foot, or weaving memory into new landscapes of the heart, these poems incline to the marvellous and metaphysical. Each asks in different...
Paramita, Little Black
Suzanne Robertson
In her first collection of poems, Suzanne Robertson meditates on the nature of intimacy; the connective tissue that binds stranger to stranger, human to animal, soul to landscape, heart to mind. Inspired by the Buddhist paramitas -- actions that spark a spiritual sojourn, the poems attempt to both transcend and...
Containing a very moving section dedicated to the death of the author's father, this collection of prose poems considers a variety of forms of love as well as the plights and blitheness of the body, individual and collective. Flourishing under the personal experience of loss, the author uses a broken...