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Devour Me Too
Dacia Maraini, Genni Donati Gunn
This is Dacia Maraini's third book of poetry, a translation of her Italian collection Mangiami pure.
Downtown Flirt
Peter Jickling
In October 2016 Peter Jickling left the Yukon to write in Toronto. His resulting poems document subjects ranging from subletting to subways -- illuminating quiet moments amidst noise. Sometimes sad, often funny, and always humane, Downtown Flirt is an outsider's account of urban life.
Drawing Daybreak
Maria Caltabiano
Maria Caltabiano's poems are the result of years of ponderings and musings about life after losing her husband to cancer. They paint moments that clung to her and begged expression. Most try to work through the sadness and introspection that accompanies loss and mourning. But they also depict a...
Dreaming Our Space
Marguerite Andersen, Antonio D'Alfonso
Dreaming Our Space, a translation of genre-defying prose poems speaks of the difficult mother-daughter relationship in tormented yet hopeful words. Upon publication under the title L'Autrement pareille, the Toronto critic Barbara Godard compared the text to writings by Nicole Brossard and called Andersen, the older author, "Brossard's literary daughter."
Eleventh Toe
Julie Roorda
Careful craftsmanship is rare today. So often poetry breaks down into mere announcement, propaganda or banal statement: but not these poems. Julie Roorda has succeeded in finding the right image for the right moment, and she has accomplished even more through her ability to challenge and control the forms and...
Elsewhere on Earth
Emmanuel Merle, Peter Brown
This collection chronicles French poet Emmanuel Merle's three-week road trip through the American West in a rented blue Chevy. What he finds is the wilderness at the heart of his own broken traditions, his "congealed" humanity, his failed love. It is a frenetic, musical poetry made of desire, fear, and speed.
Entre les fleuves
Nadine Ltaif
In this book, myth and autobiography coexist, intermingle. The emotions and imagination of the poet draw directly from Mediterranean mythology to find a new myth that could relieve her self-uprooted exile. The myth of Hecate, in Entre les fleuves, fuels Nadine Ltaif's creative impulse and poetic imagery.
Estonian Elegy: Selected Poems
Estonian Elegy
Selected Poems
Jüri Talvet, H.L. Hix
From one of Estonia's finest poets and literary figures, this new collection showcases the poetry of Juri Talvet and represents the classic voice that has propelled him to the upper echelon of the medium. Providing insight into Talvet's country of origin, these poems show a worldview unique to Estonia's burgeoning...
Every Night of Our Lives
Rocco de Giacomo
The twin themes of domestic adventure and dreams work together in Every Night of Our Lives to create a tactile and brightly-coloured odyssey of the mundane. At times harrowing and sombre and at other times humorous and bizarre, Every Night provides a meaningful account of middle-aged life in the new...
Thin is the line between dreaming and wakefulness, wellness and disorder, here and there, this and that. Elana Wolff's poems illuminate the porousness of states and relations, the connective compulsion of poetic perception, in language that blends the oracular and the everyday, the elliptical and the lucent, the playful and...
Exaltation in Cadmium Red
Sonia Di Placido
Exaltation in Cadmium Red splatters and brushes in poems, both as a toxic, poisonous, metallic mix, and a rich, vibrant, powerful oil colour. Shades of cadmium red have persisted throughout history as the most exuberant in the oil-paint palette; the hues meant to be mixed with other oils in subtle,...
Exile at Last: Selected Poems
Exile at Last
Selected Poems
Chava Rosenfarb, Goldie Morgentaler
Most of the poems presented here are from Rosenfarb's last book of poetry, Aroys fun gan-eydn (Out of Paradise, 1965). The ghetto poems are from the volume Di balade fun nekhtikn vald (The Ballad of Yesterday's Forest). The poems have been arranged so that they follow roughly the chronology of...
Extraordinary Renditions
Niki Lambros
The voices in Extraordinary Renditions come from the deep past when war began; and span the centuries to the present moment, with war still raging around the globe. We hear the ancient story of how violent killers became heroes and then saints, how the picture of torture became an icon...
Fables for Isolated Men
Barry Dempster
Although his work has appeared in most of Canada's prestigious magazines, Fables for Isloated Men is Barry Dempster's first collection of poems. What in this book seems at first an innocent consideration of the workings of convention and habit turns out to be a superlatively crafted study of what really...
Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs and Ballads
Federico Garcia Lorca
Songs and Ballads
Federico Garcia Lorca, Robin Skelton
Federico Garcia Lorca regarded his poems, essentially, as verbal music and, in fact, performed each poem many times before he committed it to the pages of a book. “Performance poems,” they were all intended to be spoken, sung, chanted, and not merely read. It is this aspect of Lorca's poetry...
Fire Watcher
Vivian Demuth
From the vast expanse of the boreal forest, Vivian Demuth shows both an exquisite eye for detail and a profound concern for the larger environmental picture. Her lively poems show that, to an engaged observer with an accomplished literary imagination, the mountain forest is a complex, animated bio-community.
First Day
Malca Litovitz
In First Day, Malca Litovitz's third collection, childhood memories, love, nature, and battles with illness are depicted on a broad canvas of lyrical and prose poems. Malca Litovitz's first book, To Light, To Water (1998), won the Canadian Jewish Book Award in 2000. Her second book, At the Moonbean Cafe,...
First Secrets and Other Poems
Éloi De Grandmont, Daniel Sloate
The images are limpid and precise: the poet's hand is sure in creating images that are unforgettable in their purity. There is no hesitation here, no fumbling for effect, no padding. Every word springs from a need, each syllable has weight. -- Claude Hamel, Le Canada
Laura Boss
Laura Boss proves she is an audacious poet. She succeeds in writing risk-taking poems that are full of ironic and wry humour. The poems speak with the self-deprecating, down to earth voice of a sensual woman. This is a poet whose increasingly sure hand guides her to handle her explosive...
Sonia Di Placido
Flesh--a composite of poems showing persons, nature, language and spaces that meet, separate and become a fluidity or not. An unforgiving flesh that scars surfaces and the forgiving flesh that rebuilds beings.
Floating Bodies
Julie Roorda
Bodies float in rapture, and in death, transported by waves of pleasure, or lapped by failure, fallen, having flown too close to the sun. The poems in this collection are at once macabre and ecstatic, probing the body by means of metaphysics and transcendence through pure sensuality. They...
Flowers in Magnetic Fields
Raymond Filip
Filip's fourth collection of poetry deals with cultural identity in a pluralistic society, gender issues, and our place in the celestial neighbourhood. Fresh, defiant, unconventional, this book is a virtuoso performance.
Footprints of Dark Energy
Henry Beissel
The title poem of this collection takes us on an epic journey across past and present historical events and through spaces defined by the natural sciences, as it explores the challenges of being human in these troubled times. It is accompanied by a gathering of shorter poems that confront the...
Footsteps on the Ceiling
Beverly Ellenbogen
In Footsteps on the Ceiling, Baila Ellenbogen explores the overlapping planes of existence her experience and intellectual curiosity have led her to inhabit, reliving childhood memories while questions of faith and domestic responsibilities collide. With a combination of personal, lyrical, and mystical images, the poet examines our ability to love...
For the Baptism of Our Fragments
Mario Luzi, Luigi Bonaffini
Described as the most "conspicuous voice in Italian poetry after Eugenio Montale," Mario Luzi created for himself an unmistakably individual rhythm, idiom, and ethos ... Particular to Luzi's poetry is the quality of lyricism, and tone of conversational intimacy, of which For the Baptism of Our Fragments represents the crowing...
Clara Blackwood
Shadowed with foretellings and premonitions, this collection of sometimes sombre, sometimes whimsical poems takes the reader on an odyssey whereby things bizarre, miraculous and bewildering can and often do happen. Where “Shellfish could fall from the skies, / summer and winter / congeal.” Whether drawing inspiration from urban life, the...
All eight of Schierbeek's books of prose-poetry from 1951 on, which he termed “compositional novels,” have a musical form and content--words as notes in a sound-defined imaginal context. De gestalte der stem (The Shape of the Voice, 1977) is the first part of a mythologizing trilogy -- “to give...
Andrea Zanzotto, Pasquale Verdicchio
Andrea Zanzotto's poetics have often been defined as emerging out of Romanticism, yet his work defies the confines of such "schools" and marks its own path. Working across linguistic realities, Zanzotto exploits the "living" and "mobile" traits of words to expand the limits of language. Words are imagination and not...
Fred Cogswell: Selected Poems
Fred Cogswell
Selected Poems
Fred Cogswell
The poems in this selection were written and published between 1954 and 1977, except for two poems which have never appeared in book form before. Fred Cogswell writes crystalline poems. A Cogswell poem is the result of concentration; this intentional focusing on a particular person or thing, or language itself...
French Poets of Today
Jean-Yves Reuzeau
Virtually all the writers grouped in this collection have been active in the French poetry scene for many years. Although the thirteen writers here have crossed paths, their literary domains remain somewhat far apart. The poets included in this anthology are Patrice Beray, Patrice Delbourg, Olivier Kaeppelin, Leslie Kaplan, Dominique...