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A History of Touch
Erin Emily Ann Vance
A History of Touch is a poetry collection about women in folklore and history who were ill, disabled, or otherwise labelled ‘hysteric.' The work bears witness to the lives of women with varying experiences, such as a woman whose epilepsy was mistaken for demonic possession, Sarah Winchester's grief, Mary Roff...
All Creatures Weird and Dangerous describes the author's experiences as a veterinarian drawn by chance to care for a variety of cryptozoological creatures. As a practicing veterinarian, the author is called upon, as if by strange forces, to care for a Chupacabra, Sasquatch, Lake Erie's monster Bessie, mermaids and fairies...
Almost Love
Pierre Lepori, Peter Valente
Pierre Lepori's Almost Love (Quasi Amore) contains forty-five short stanzas, reminiscent of a lyric tradition extending from the Greek elegiac poets, such as Sappho and Mimnermus, to the Italian poet, Sandro Penna. The poems revolve around the word “love” as compared to the precariousness of life and the incompleteness of...
Archer: On the River of Time: Book Three
On the River of Time: Book Three
Carl Hare
Archer portrays three years in the life of Ray Archer, a fictional Canadian actor/director dedicated to exploring performance styles with his diverse company. Following a Canada-wide tour of King Lear performed in mask, Archer takes his new epic history of Canada across the country and to Ireland, where a strange...
Catch and Release
Liana Cusmano
In Catch and Release, twenty-one-year-old Lucca looks back on her childhood and adolescence as she comes to terms with both her sexual orientation and her mental illness. When she falls in love with the brilliant and beautiful Adèle, Lucca is forced to acknowledge not only that she is not and...
Maureen Labonté, Pan Bouyoucas
A very successful detective fiction writer, Leo Basilius, decides to bring his popular crime series to a close and take a sabbatical on the Greek island of Nysa where, as a young man, he wrote his first books - poetry and short stories. He returns there intending to write his...
Cut Road
Brent Van Staalduinen
Containing a rich mix of acclaimed and award-winning stories, Cut Road is a masterful exploration of the loss and scars that conflict always leaves behind. Where soldiers abandon too much of themselves in war zones, parents relinquish control of their children, and friends struggle with change and tragedy. From the...
A young man, Ray, returns to where he was born, Weyburn, SK, after several years traveling anonymously around the country. He's recently been suffering from frightening nightmares and he feels they may have something to do with his past, especially within the walls of the abandoned former mental asylum where...
Don't Ask
Gina Roitman
In this literary thriller, a woman agonizes over her mother's suicide and is thrown into turmoil over her attraction to a German. Hannah Baran is 45, a successful Montreal real estate broker with a highly lucrative client who, like her parents, is a Holocaust survivor. Born in a German DP...
Flame Out
Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo, Michael Delisle
When Michael Delisle was a boy growing up in Montreal's South Shore neighbourhood of Ville Jacques-Cartier, his "uncles" -- in other words, his father's friends -- never said "gun" but rather "piece" or "rod" or more metonymically, "heater." In Flame Out, the poet remembers his father, a crook turned Charismatic...
Carlie Blume
Gigglepuss delves into a past pockmarked with loss, broken family dynamics, and the looming shadow of familial mental illness. These poems touch on sexual abuse, lost relationships, the influence of pop culture, and the intensity of motherhood set against the at times humorous backdrop of stark self-awareness, irony and even...
In the Writers' Words: Volume 2
Laurence Hutchman
In The Writers' Words Volume 2 is a collection of interviews with ten significant contemporary Canadian poets: Brian Bartlett, Roo Borson, George Elliott Clarke, Travis Lane, John B. Lee, Daniel Lockhart, Bruce Meyer, A.F. Moritz, Sue Sinclair, and Colleen Thibaudeau. In this book, the writers speak in-depth about the importance of personal...
Lucy and Bonbon
Don LePan
What if humans were able to reproduce with other great apes? What would the hybrid offspring look like? Act like? Think like? And how would humans respond? Would such creatures be allowed to live among us? Or would they be put under a microscope in a zoo or research facility?...
Made in Hawaii
Cedric Yamanaka
A father in Hawaii takes his troubled son fishing, unable to tell him the sad news he must share. A woman is lost at sea during a reef walk and sends her family into turmoil. An unlikely relationship develops between a Realtor and an Ultimate Fighting Champion. These are just...
Momma's Got the Blues
David Sherman
The golden days of MaryAnne's singing career, of sold-out concert halls and hit records have given way to shabby rooms and paltry CD sales, battered by YouTube and streaming. But, MaryAnne, nearing 60, refuses to retire. When her party-animal single daughter becomes pregnant, MaryAnne rebels against becoming a grandmother and...
My Whirlwind Lives: A Political Memoir & Manifesto
My Whirlwind Lives
A Political Memoir & Manifesto
Dee Knight
Our recent storms didn't start in 2020 or 2016. They started decades ago in the 1960s -- a whirlwind of threatened nuclear catastrophe, then police dogs and rednecks terrorizing civil rights marchers down south, then Vietnamese children fleeing from napalm flames. Then draft notices to go to Vietnam to “fight...
This work of fusion moves beyond memoir to become a juggling act of reality and imagination. The narrative travels through melded panoramas of past and present, this country, the others, certainties and doubts. Inserts of fiction--revealing ties between life and writing--enhance the journey.
The Hands
Marty Gervais
Moving, intriguing, and exquisite, this collection is a paean to the iconic personalities Marty Gervais has met and written about during his career as both a poet and a journalist and includes poems about such diverse characters as Muhammad Ali, Mother Teresa, Benjamin Spock, Norman Mailer, Karen Kain and Thomas...
The Narrow Cabinet: A Zombie Chronicle
The Narrow Cabinet
A Zombie Chronicle
Asa Boxer
The Narrow Cabinet is a book about change, loss and the struggle to understand what the hell is going on in a world experiencing such rapid transformations. The movement is from (a) an old dispensation of tough minded, rugged living and surviving troubled times through (b) a narcissistic sinkhole of...
The Opposition
Todd Gitlin
Set during America's 1960s New Left movement, The Opposition tells the story of twenty-something young men and women linked by a fierce desire to change the world who become involved in the civil rights and anti-war movements, when under the pressure of Vietnam, and America, unraveling, their web of passion...
The World Through Your Eyes
Valeria Camerino
After years spent living in the Middle East, Sofia, an Italian freelance journalist, moves back to England, determined to leave her past behind and build a new life for herself and her daughter in Leeds. On a night out on the town, she meets an enigmatic Iranian man whom she...