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Ivan Baidak
Diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome as a teenager, Adam, now a 26-year-old freelance designer, attends his first meeting at a social support group. Here he meets Anna, a charity worker with a facial hemangioma; Marta, a TV anchor with alopecia; and Eva, a make up artist with vitiligo. The following week...
A Gelato a Day: True Stories of Family Travel
A Gelato a Day
True Stories of Family Travel
Claudia Laroye
A Gelato A Day is a collection of travel tales that highlights the good, the bad and the not-really-that-ugly of the family travel experience. These stories go beyond holidays-gone-wrong to dive thoughtfully into the deeper parental and family connections that can occur when we take ourselves (or are taken out...
A Perfect Day to Die
Yoko Morgenstern
A widower meets a man who can change the weather. A middle aged woman attempts to freeze to death; A young man attempts to starve to death. A young woman navigates in a foreign city, constructing a new identity. A dancer is forced to accept a ride home from a...
Bronwen Wallace: Essays On Her Works
Bronwen Wallace
Essays On Her Works
Wanda Campbell
Writers and critics have long acknowledged Bronwen Wallace's unique contribution to Canadian literature and yet her work has received little academic recognition. This collection attempts to remedy this with voices old and new. A critical introduction, biography, and interview are followed by previously published essays by Susan Rudy, Brenda Vellino,...
Cage of Light
Ned Baeck
Cage of Light traces an environment of familial violence into adulthood. It witnesses the filter of addiction in life and love; it considers what sustains and protects, what constricts and harms, and the fluidity of these things. It addresses the practice of Zen and time spent in a Rinzai...
Dancing in the River
George Lee
Growing up in a small, riverside town, Little Bright is thrusted into the political whirlwinds along with his family during China's Cultural Revolution. When a reversal of the winds of reform blows through the land, however, he learns the once-forbidden tongue--English--which lends wings to his sense and sensibility. At college,...
First-Time Listener
Jennifer Zilm
Drowning in (mis)information in a shifting media landscape that is simultaneously constant and atemporal, and in which fact checker websites are sponsored by click-bait articles on Nostradamus predictions; the poems in First-Time Listener explore how genres influence our perceptions, how the answers provided seldom answer the question, and how fine...
Magnetic Dogs
Bruce Meyer
Magnetic Dogs is a collection of short stories that examines how displaced individuals -- those who have been snatched out of their time and place -- struggle to adapt and reinvent themselves in an entirely new context or re-establish themselves in their former situations. In stories that are factual fiction,...
Matisse: The Only Blue
Laura Marello
Matisse: The Only Blue interweaves scenes from the second half of artist Henri Matisse's life in the south of France (1907-1954), with reflections on his artwork. The work explores: artistic creation and community, love and betrayal, landscape, home and exile, family, and war. It portrays an eclectic mix of artists,...
Mark Fishman
Lake City has a lot of heavy weather, and it's not just in the air. Eduardo “Vince” Negron has a regular table at a bar restaurant in Pigsville called El Perro Negro, from where he runs El Manojo, a motley assortment of hoodlums. Negron is minor league, but across town...
Stones to Harvest / Escarmouches de la Chair
Arlette Francière, Henry Beissel
Stones to Harvest/Escarmouches de la Chair, a lyrical cycle of 47 poems, sets out the four seasons in remarkable and very concrete images drawn from the flora and fauna of Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec, where Beissel lived and worked. He explores these landscapes with remarkable specificity, though his approach...
The Boy's Marble
Nataša Nuhanović
A boy and girl promise to meet at midnight on a bench halfway between their apartments, and run away together, only the boy never comes. Twenty years later in Montreal, she meets someone who reminds her of the boy and wonders whether it could really be him. A brilliant anti-war...
The Confederation Poets: The Founding of a Canadian Poetry, 1880 to the First World War
The Confederation Poets
The Founding of a Canadian Poetry, 1880 to the First World War
James Deahl
The Confederation Poets: The Founding of a Canadian Poetry, 1880 to the First World War is a study of poets born between 1850 and 1866, focusing on the work they produced up until the end of World War I. Through this investigation, the climate of opinion that animated Canadian society...
Gary Geddes's collection of new lyrics and poem-sequences, The Oysters I Bring to Banquets, ranges from whimsical poems about the building of a greenhouse to Achilles' struggles coping with interfering relatives and his extended family, the gods; from poems about Yukon adventures to the plight and wonder of monarch butterflies...