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Ross Woods
A Lecturer in the Spanish Programme of the School of Languages and Cultures at Victoria...
Gian Maria Annovi
An assistant professor of French and Italian at USC Los Angeles, Gian Maria Annovi is...
Nora Alleyn
Nora Alleyn (1933-2011) grew up in a bicultural family in Quebec City. Following a B.A....
Damiano Pietropaolo
TToronto’s Damiano Pietropaolo is an award winning writer/broadcaster, director, translator, and educator. Translations include: selections...
Maria Laura Mosco
With a PhD from the University of Toronto and a ‘Laurea’ in Modern Languages from...
Rina Ferrarelli
Rina Ferrarelli came from Italy at the age of fifteen. She taught English and translation...
Adria Bernardi

Adria Bernardi is the author of two novels, Openwork, and, The Day Laid on the Altar, which was awarded the 1999 Bakeless Prize by Andrea Barrett. A collection of short stories, In the Gathering Woods, was awarded the 2000 Drue Heinz Literature Prize by Frank Conroy. Aside from Abandoned Places (Guernica 1997), her translations include Siren's Song, a translation of the poetry and prose of Rinaldo Caddeo, Adventures in Africa by Gianni Celati, and Page...
Adria Bernardi
Nigel Spencer
Richard Schain
Andrea Moorhead
Karen McPherson
Genni Donati Gunn
Daniel De Bruycker
Francesco Loriggio
Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni
Jüri Talvet
George Tombs
Elana Wolff
Sheila Fischman