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Jüri Talvet
Born in 1945 in Pärnu, Estonia, Jüri Talvet exemplifies the international public intellectual. His poetry...
Genni Donati Gunn
Genni Gunn is a writer, musician and translator. Born in Trieste, she came to Canada...
Yann Lovelock
Born in Birmingham, UK, in 1939, Yann Lovelock is an English writer and translator who...
David Homel
David Homel is a writer, journalist, filmmaker, and translator. He is the author of five...
Adria Bernardi
Adria Bernardi is the author of two novels, Openwork, and, The Day Laid on the...
Robert Buranello
Robert Buranello was born in Toronto, Ontario, and received his PhD in Italian from the...
Arlette Francière

Arlette Francière has been a teacher at all educational levels, from kindergarten to university; she has been a literary agent, a literary translator of major Canadian works by authors such as Robertson Davies, W.O. Mitchell, Sheila Watson, Keith Garebian, John Barton, and Michel Beaulieu. She was also a translator and editor of art catalogues for the National Gallery of Canada and for the Galerie Simon Blais in Montreal. Twenty years ago, while studying art history, she...
Arlette Francière
Daniel De Bruycker
Sheila Fischman
Hugh Hazelton
Scott Rollins
Myrna Delson-Karan
Thor Polson
Norman Cornett
George Tombs
Manijeh Mannani
Barbara Godard
Nora Alleyn
Urška Charney