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Gian Maria Annovi
An assistant professor of French and Italian at USC Los Angeles, Gian Maria Annovi is...
Patrick Williamson
Patrick Williamson is an English poet who lives near Paris. He has translated, among others,...
Jüri Talvet
Born in 1945 in Pärnu, Estonia, Jüri Talvet exemplifies the international public intellectual. His poetry...
Marco Sonzogni
Marco Sonzogni is Senior Lecturer in Italian at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has...
Yann Lovelock
Born in Birmingham, UK, in 1939, Yann Lovelock is an English writer and translator who...
John Mikhail Asfour
Born in Lebanon, John Mikhail Asfour was the author of five volumes of poetry in...
Peter Brown

Peter Brown is a translator and fiction writer. His fiction has appeared in The Harvard Review, The Mississippi Review, Post Road and his translations from French and Spanish have appeared in a variety of venues including Salamander, The Bitter Oleander, Consequences, The Straddler and Upstreet. His collection of short fiction, A Bright Soothing Noise, was selected as the winner of the Katherine Ann Porter Prize and was published by the UNT Press in 2011. He...
Peter Brown
Genni Donati Gunn
Sheila Fischman
Damiano Pietropaolo
Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni
Gaetano Rando
Margita Gailitis
Nigel Spencer
Myrna Delson-Karan
Hugh Hazelton
Diana Thow
Pasquale Verdicchio
Menachem Wolff