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John Gilmore
Translator John Gilmore is a Montreal-born writer and former journalist. His books include Swinging in...
Margita Gailitis
Born in Riga, Latvia, poet and translator Margita Gailitis immigrated to Canada as a child....
John Mikhail Asfour
Born in Lebanon, John Mikhail Asfour was the author of five volumes of poetry in...
Andrea Moorhead
Andrea Moorhead was born in 1947 in Buffalo, New York. She is editor of Osiris...
Norman Cornett
Educator, religious studies scholar, art critic,and translator, Professor Norman Cornett, Ph.D, teaches at universities throughout...
Karen Isabel Ocaña
Born in Toronto in 1960, Karen Ocaña grew up multilingual. She began translating, unofficially, at...
E.D. Blodgett

Poet, literary critic, and translator E.D. Blodgett is the author of more than 20 collections of poetry and the winner of the 1996 Governor General's Award for his collection Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano. In 1999, Jacques Brault won the Governor-General's Award for Translation for Transfiguration (1998), a translation of Blodgett's poetry. On July 1, 2007 Blodgett was appointed Poet Laureate for the City of Edmonton. He is currently professor emeritus of Comparative Literature at...
E.D. Blodgett
Urška Charney
David Homel
Nicolette Kay
Maria Laura Mosco
Patrick Williamson
Luise von Flotow
Diana Thow
Christine Tipper
Nigel Spencer
Manijeh Mannani
Ross Woods
Adria Bernardi