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Sheila Fischman
Sheila Fischman is the award-winning translator of nearly 200 works of fiction from Quebec. She...
Robin Skelton
Robin Skelton (1925-1997) was a British-born academic, writer, poet, and anthologist. Born in Easington, Yorkshire,...
Marco Sonzogni
Marco Sonzogni is Senior Lecturer in Italian at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has...
Ross Woods
A Lecturer in the Spanish Programme of the School of Languages and Cultures at Victoria...
Will Browning
Will Browning holds a Doctorate of Modern Languages in French and Spanish from Middlebury College,...
Peter Brown
Peter Brown is a translator and fiction writer. His fiction has appeared in The Harvard...
Thor Polson

Thor Polson has a master’s degree in German literature from Middlebury College, and his other writings include Childsong, a novel published by Athena Press of London. For more information about this writer and his work, visit
Thor Polson
Damiano Pietropaolo
Diana Thow
Jo-Anne Elder
Marylea MacDonald
Myrna Delson-Karan
Adria Bernardi
John Mikhail Asfour
Karen Isabel Ocaña
Margita Gailitis
Andrea Moorhead
David Homel
H.L. Hix