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Howard A. Doughty
Howard A. Doughty has written extensively on areas dealing with politics, social, and cultural studies,...
Don Mulcahy
Don Mulcahy, born in Clydach, Wales, and a Canadian citizen since 1969, lives in Strathroy,...
Dane Swan
Dane Swan's second book, A Mingus Lullaby (Guernica Editions, 2016), was a finalist for the 2017 Trillium...
Dino Minni
Dino (C D.) Minni was born in Bagnoli del Trigno (Isernia), Italy in 1942. He...
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Sean Thomas Dougherty is the author and editor of eleven books including Sasha Sings...
Delia De Santis
Delia De Santis’ short story collection Fast Forward and Other Stories was published in 2008....
Nicole Markotić

Nicole Markotić is a novelist, critic, and poet. She has written eight books, including: Yellow Pages (Fitzhenry and Whiteside), Bent at the Spine (BookThug), Whelmed (Coach House), her YA novel, Rough Patch (Arsenal Press), and a critical book, Disability in Film and Literature (McFarland & Co.). As well, she has edited a collection of poetry by Dennis Cooley: By Word of Mouth (Wilfrid Laurier University Press), co-edited an anthology of essays: The Problem Body: Projecting...
Nicole Markotić
Michael Mirolla
Marco Sonzogni
Giulia De Gasperi
Guy Rodgers
Joseph Pivato
Małgorzata Nowaczyk
Lee Skallerup Bessette
Roberto Perin
Ingrid Ruthig
Bruno Tosi
Keith Garebian
Antonio D'Alfonso