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Roberto Perin
Roberto Perin teaches in the History Department at Glendon Campus, York University. Among his publications:...
Bruno Tosi
Bruno Tosi was an Italian music scholar and journalist, president of the Maria Callas Foundation...
Dimitri Nasrallah
Dimitri Nasrallah was born in 1977, during the Lebanese civil war. In 1981, his family...
Annika Hannan
Annika Hannan is a Professor, School of Hospitality & tourism Management at George Brown...
Ruth Roach Pierson
Editor and poet Ruth Roach Pierson is the author of Where No Window Was, GG...
Kasia Jaronczyk
Kasia Jaronczyk immigrated to Canada in her teens, in 1992. She is a microbiologist by...
Małgorzata Nowaczyk

Małgorzata (Margaret) Nowaczyk came to Canada in 1981 as a teenager. Her books Poszukiwanie przodków and Rodzinne drzewo zdrowia were published in Poland. Her short stories and essays have appeared in Prairie Fire, Numero Cinq, and Geist.
Małgorzata Nowaczyk
Ruth Panofsky
Laurence Hutchman
Loretta Gatto-White
Michael Mirolla
Lorri Neilsen Glenn
Carmine Starnino
Goldie Morgentaler
Delia De Santis
Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni
Camille A. Isaacs
Dino Minni
Sandra Singer