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Thomas DePietro
Thomas DePietro, a regular contributor to The Barnes & Noble Review, and former contributing editor...
Delia De Santis
Delia De Santis’ short story collection Fast Forward and Other Stories was published in 2008....
Fulvio Caccia
Novelist, poet, critic and editor, Fulvio Caccia is the author of four recently published novels...
Marino Tuzi
Born in 1952, Marino Tuzi lives and teaches in Toronto. He is the author of...
Carmine Starnino
Carmine Starnino is a Canadian poet, essayist, educator, and editor. He was born in Montreal,...
Carol Lipszyc
Carol Lipszyc’s book of poetry, Singing Me Home, (2010) and book of short stories on...
Ruth Roach Pierson

Editor and poet Ruth Roach Pierson is the author of Where No Window Was, GG finalist Aide-Mémoire, and CONTRARY. She has attended The Toronto Film Festival since 1980, with 33 films in 10 days her personal best.
Ruth Roach Pierson
Linda Rogers
Tracey Lindberg
J.R. (Tim) Struthers
Axel Soestmeyer
Biancamaria Frabotta
Branko Gorjup
Loretta Gatto-White
Maria Cristina Seccia
Howard A. Doughty
Gerrit Bussink
Kosta Gouliamos
Irene Guilford