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Rhoda Helfman Kaufman
Rhoda Helfman Kaufman is a professor of theater arts at California State University. She is...
Delia De Santis
Delia De Santis’ short story collection Fast Forward and Other Stories was published in 2008....
Guy Rodgers
Currently executive director of the English Language Arts Network, a community-oriented group dedicated to promoting...
Linda Rogers
Linda Rogers is a poet who lives in Victoria, British Columbia.
Roberto Perin
Roberto Perin teaches in the History Department at Glendon Campus, York University. Among his publications:...
Lianne Moyes
Lianne Moyes is an Associate professor at Université de Montréal. She teaches Twentieth-century Canadian writing;...
Kasia Jaronczyk

Kasia Jaronczyk immigrated to Canada in her teens, in 1992. She is a microbiologist by training. Her writing was published in Bristol Prize Anthology 2016, Room, Carousel, Nashwaak Review, Prairie Journal, Room, and Postscripts to Darkness. Her short story collection Lemons was published by Mansfield Press in 2017.
Kasia Jaronczyk
Sandra Singer
Carol Lipszyc
Maria Cristina Seccia
Ruth Roach Pierson
Loretta Gatto-White
Carmine Starnino
Mary Jo Bona
Nicole Markotić
Irene Guilford
Filippo Salvatore
Brigid Brophy
Kosta Gouliamos