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Elliott J. Huntley
An Author, writer and musician, he is also a very very funny man and performs...
Veena Gokhale
Veena Gokhale, an immigrant shape shifter, started her career as a journalist in Bombay. This...
France Théoret
Recognized as one of the important Quebec feminist writers and the recent winner of the...
Emanuel di Pasquale
Emanuel di Pasquale was born in Sicily and emigrated to the United States in December...
Claude Péloquin
Born in Montreal in 1942, the publication of Claude Péloquin's first volume of poetry, Jéricho...
Caterina Edwards
Caterina Edwards was born in England to an English father and an Italian mother, and...
Chava Rosenfarb

One of the most important Yiddish writers of the second half of the 20th century, Chava Rosenfarb (1923-2011) was born in Lodz, Poland. During the Second World War she was incarcerated in the Lodz ghetto. When the ghetto was liquidated in 1944, she was deported to Auschwitz and then to Bergen Belsen, where she was liberated by the British army in 1945. After the war, she lived as a displaced person in Belgium before settling...
Chava Rosenfarb
Marco Micone
Bill Turpin
Philippe Haeck
Linda Rogers
Merle Nudelman
Marie Uguay
Claudine Bertrand
Bruce Meyer
Jim Johnstone
Joseph Pivato
Rita Pomade