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Gianna Patriarca
Gianna Patriarca is a former elementary school teacher. She lives in Toronto and is the...
Caterina Edwards
Caterina Edwards was born in England to an English father and an Italian mother, and...
Max Layton
The eldest son of poet Irving Layton, Max has worked as everything from tobacco picker,...
Alberto Di Giovanni
Alberto Di Giovanni was born in Roccamorice, in the Region of Abruzzo, on June 22,...
Hadi Atallah
Having had a passion for writing since childhood, Hadi Atallah is a firm believer that...
Maryse Pelletier
Maryse Pelletier is a Quebec writer and actress born in Cabano in 1947. She has...
F.G. Paci

F.G. Paci was born in Italy and grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He was the Elia Chair writer-in-residence at York University and has an honorary degree from Laurentian University. He is the author of 13 novels, the last of which was The Son (Oberon, 2011). Among the novels he has published with Guernica are: Italian Shoes (2002), Hard Edge (2006), and Peace Tower (2009). His first collection of short stories, Playing To Win...
F.G. Paci
Pascal D'Angelo
Paul Bélanger
Jean-Yves Reuzeau
LeRoy Gorman
Dorothy Livesay
Kristin Andrychuk
Julian Samuel
Claude Péloquin
Lynda Monahan
B.W. Powe
Michael Carrino
Desi Di Nardo