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Janet Fraser
Janet Fraser was born in her mother’s ancestral home, Saint John, and returned over 40...
Danielle Fournier
Danielle Fournier has published more than a dozen books and contributed to numerous reviews and...
Max Layton
The eldest son of poet Irving Layton, Max has worked as everything from tobacco picker,...
Anthony M. Graziano
Anthony M. Graziano, Professor Emeritus, the State University of New York at Buffalo, has authored...
Catherine Black
Catherine Black has wandered her way back to Toronto where she was born and raised...
Bernard Émond
Bernard Émond is a Quebec film-maker. A trained anthropologist, he started out making documentaries. Since...
Kate Marshall Flaherty

Kate Marshall Flaherty has published in journals such as Descant, CV2, Freefall, and Windsor Review. She was short-listed for Nimrod’s Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize, the Malahat Review Long Poem and Descant’s Best Canadian Poem. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three spirited children, where she guides yoga/retreats/writing workshops. Poetry is her lifeline.
Kate Marshall Flaherty
Francis Simard
Maria Ardizzi
Annie Lanzillotto
David Huebert
J. J. Steinfeld
Évelyne Wilwerth
Jeff Sturge
Paul Bélanger
Gérald Godin
Elliott J. Huntley
Marino Tuzi
Claudine Bertrand