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Pietro De Marchi
Pietro De Marchi (Seregno, 1958) is a Titularprofessor of Italian at the University of Zurich...
Michel Chion
Besides being an important writer of film books in France, Michel Chion is also a...
Madeleine Gagnon
Born in Amqui, Quebec, in 1938, Madeleine Gagnon has published over forty books of poetry...
Rhea Tregebov
Rhea Tregebov was born in Saskatoon, raised in Winnipeg and for many years lived in...
Bill Turpin
Bill Turpin has worked most of his career as a journalist, first in Montreal and...
John Oughton
John Oughton is currently Professor of Learning and Teaching at Centennial College in Toronto. He...
Barry Healey

During the 1970s and 80s, Barry Healey wrote television variety for such performers as Milton Berle, Arte Johnson, Soupy Sales, Bob Crane, Andy Griffith, Sally Kellerman, Jackie Mason, Henry Mancini, Van Johnson and others. His motion picture credits include the award-winning shorts: Outtakes (1978) writer/director/producer; The Night Before The Morning After (1979) writer/director; and the feature films: The Grey Fox (1982) co-producer; One Magic Christmas (1985) writer; Big Deal (1985) director; Hollywood North (2003) writer. The Sex Life of the Amoeba is his...
Barry Healey
Elliott J. Huntley
Aaron Kreuter
Paul Chanel Malenfant
Lisa Pike
Anne Marie Alonzo
Edvins Raups
Antonio Gualtieri
Eugenio Cirese
Julian Samuel
Penny Petrone
Gino Chiellino
Kristin Andrychuk