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Fabiano Alborghetti
Fabiano Alborghetti (1970) is the author of Verso Buda (2004), L’opposta riva (2006; 2013), Registro...
Nancy Anne Miller
Bermudian poet Nancy Anne Miller has two poetry collections forthcoming: Because There Was No Sea...
Pan Bouyoucas
Pan Bouyoucas is a Montreal prize-winning writer, playwright, and translator whose novels and plays have...
Andrea Zanzotto
Andrea Zanzotto (1921-2011) was regarded as one of the major Italian poets of the 20th...
Giuseppe Conte
Giuseppe Conte was born in Imperia, Italy and studied at the University of Milan earning...
Marisa Labozzetta
Marisa Labozzetta is the author of the novels Sometimes It Snows in America and Stay...
Tecia Werbowski

Tecia Werbowski is a social worker and a writer who writes in English and Polish.
Tecia Werbowski
William Anselmi
Len Gasparini
Jean-Marc Desgent
Robin Blackburn McBride
Liz Worth
Irene Marques
Pietro De Marchi
Roger Des Roches
Richard Lee
Chava Rosenfarb
Eugenio Cirese
Marguerite Andersen