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Laura Marello
Laura Marello’s first novel Claiming Kin (Guernica Editions 2010) was a finalist for the Paterson...
Laurence Hutchman
Laurence Hutchman teaches at the Université de Moncton, Edmundston Campus, in New Brunswick, Canada. Author...
Pietro Vitelli
Pietro Vitelli was born in Cori, Italy, where he served as mayor. He is a...
Bruno Codispoti
Bruno Codispoti is Chairman & Founder at BrandFusion Ltd., Co-founder at Crazy Uncle Culinary Cocktails,...
Robert Marrone
Toronto’s Robert Marrone holds a degree in philosophy and literature with subsequent graduate courses in...
Marco Micone
Born in Montelongo, Italy, Marco Micone came with his family to Montreal in 1958. The...
Giorgio Caproni

Born in Livorno, Giorgio Caproni (Livorno, January 7, 1912 - January 22, 1990) was an Italian poet, literary critic and translator, especially from the French. After participating in World War II as a member of the Italian resistance movement, he spent many years as an elementary school teacher. In 1945 he went to Rome, where he contributed to a number of journals; besides poetry he also wrote criticism and novellas and contributed translations. His book...
Giorgio Caproni
Irene Marques
Patrick Balzamo
Mary Melfi
Kate Marshall Flaherty
Veena Gokhale
Élise Turcotte
Clément Marchand
Tiziano Broggiato
Gilbert Langevin
Egito Gonçalves
John O'Meara
Paul Nelson