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Madeleine Gagnon
Born in Amqui, Quebec, in 1938, Madeleine Gagnon has published over forty books of poetry...
Mary Tilberg
Mary Tilberg was born in Germany of refugee parents and raised in Tangiers and West...
Linda Rogers
Linda Rogers is a poet who lives in Victoria, British Columbia.
Marco Fraticelli
Marco Fraticelli was born in Montreal in 1945. A musician and poet, he is an...
Lise Gauvin
Writer, essayist and literary critic, Quebec-born Lise Gauvin is the author of numerous books, both...
Richard Jeffrey Newman
Richard Jeffrey Newman’s most recent books include For My Son, A Kind of Prayer (Ghostbird...
Marco Micone

Born in Montelongo, Italy, Marco Micone came with his family to Montreal in 1958. The author of four published plays; Voiceless People and Addolorata have made Micone the spokesperson of a new generation of writers in Quebec and Canada. He was awarded the Grand Prix du Journal de Montreal for drama in 1989.
Marco Micone
Jason Gileno
Eugenio Cirese
Vlado Kreslin
Domenico Capilongo
Luciano Iacobelli
Mary Melfi
Enzo Nicola Terzano
Tonino Guerra
Ermanno Rea
Catherine Black
Robert Flanagan
Francis Simard