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Vlado Kreslin
One of the Balkan's most beloved folk rock musicians and a national institution in Slovenia,...
Pierre-Yves Pépin
Pierre-Yves Pépin has done some trekking in the Middle East and the Caribbean. Aboard a...
Valentina Gal
Valentina Gal is the blind daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who settled in Hamilton Ontario after...
Marguerite Andersen
Marguerite Andersen writes mostly in French. An autobiographical novel, De mémoire de femme, won the...
Don Share
Don Share is Senior Editor of Poetry magazine in Chicago. His books include Seneca in...
Sylvie Chaput
Essayist and novelist, Sylvie Chaput studied literature and translation. She is a translator specializing in...
Darlene Madott

Darlene Madott is a Toronto lawyer and writer. Prior to law, she worked at Saturday Night and Toronto Life magazines. Her call to the Bar in 1985 coincided with the publication of a collection of short stories, Bottled Roses, Oberon, 1985. A film script, Mazilli's Shoes, was published by Guernica, in 1997, then Joy, Joy, Why Do I Sing? Women's Press/Scholar's Press, 2004. Included in that collection was "Vivi's Florentine Scarf," which won the 2002...
Darlene Madott
Samuel Endicott
Ned Baeck
Joseph Maviglia
Liz Worth
Francesco Loriggio
Dorothy Livesay
Margo LaPierre
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Theresa Carilli
Edoardo Sanguineti
Liana Langa
Louise Dupré