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Vito Teti
Vito Teti is the founder and current director of the Centre for the Study of...
William Anselmi
William Anselmi has published (with co-author Kosta Gouliamos) Mediating Culture (1994), Elusive Margins (1998), and...
Nick Mancuso
Internationally recognized actor, Nick Mancuso was born in Calabria, Italy, in 1948. In 1953 his...
Elizabeth Langridge
Elizabeth Langridge was born in 1938 in the south of England. Her earliest memories are...
Roberto Perin
Roberto Perin teaches in the History Department at Glendon Campus, York University. Among his publications:...
Guy Verville
Born March 2, 1959 in Arthabaska, Québec. Guy Verville has lived in Montreal since 1989....
Jean Yves Collette

Jean Yves Collette is a writer and an editor from Quebec, born in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in 1946. After a lengthy absence from the literary scene (1990-2005), he returned with a flurry, publishing Anna & lui (2006), Parcours d'Anna (2007), Sensations & autres textes (2009), Listes urbaines (2010) and Un parachutiste dans le désert (his 45th title since 1970). In 2009, he founded Vertiges éditeur, a virtual publishing house.
Jean Yves Collette
Dacia Maraini
S. Montana Katz
Jean-Pierre Vallotton
P. David Hornik
Oliver Scharpf
John L. Falk
Nina Newington
Gerrit Bussink
Eugene McNamara
Jill Battson
John O'Neill
Robert Viscusi