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Marco Micone
Born in Montelongo, Italy, Marco Micone came with his family to Montreal in 1958. The...
Desi Di Nardo
Desi Di Nardo is a poet and writer whose work has been published in numerous...
David Huebert
Originally from Halifax, David Huebert has lived in Revelstoke, Fernie, Victoria, and Toronto. Currently a...
Gérald Godin
Born in 1938, Gérald Godin was a renowned Quebecois poet and journalist, as well as...
David Shook
David Shook grew up in Mexico City before studying endangered languages in Oklahoma and poetry...
Liz Worth
Liz Worth is a Toronto-based writer. She is the author of Treat Me Like Dirt:...
Kenny Marotta

Born in Malden, Massachusetts, Kenny Marotta received his Ph.D from John Hopkins University. Aside from his linked short story collection, A House on The Piazza (Guernica), Marotta is the author of a much-admired novel, A Piece of Earth, published in 1985.
Kenny Marotta
William Anselmi
Penny Petrone
Joseph Pivato
Marisa De Franceschi
Patrick Balzamo
Egito Gonçalves
Goldie Morgentaler
Mario Fratti
Tina Biello
Karen McPherson
Clara Blackwood
Eva Tihanyi