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Anthony M. Graziano
Anthony M. Graziano, Professor Emeritus, the State University of New York at Buffalo, has authored...
Liz Worth
Liz Worth is a Toronto-based writer. She is the author of Treat Me Like Dirt:...
Diane Raptosh
Diane Raptosh teaches creative writing and literature at The College of Idaho, where she holds...
Olindo Romeo Chiocca
Olindo Romeo Chiocca was born in Toronto and lived on Grace Street for a very...
Diana Cavallo
Diana Cavallo lives in Philadelphia.
Rolli is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist from Regina, SK, Canada. He’s the author of...
Louise Warren

Born in Montreal, poet and essayist Louise Warren has published more than twenty-five books, among these the collection Anthologie du présent (les éditions du passage, 2012). Her essays offer a reflection on the arts and the creative process, and her body of work includes many artists’ books. She participates regularly in international conferences and festivals and has been the recipient of numerous prizes and honours. Her most recent essay, Apparitions: Inventaire de l’atelier, was published...
Louise Warren
Darlene Madott
Tonino Guerra
Annika Hannan
Steve Meagher
Ruth Panofsky
Kenny Marotta
Philippe Haeck
Paul Chanel Malenfant
Priscila Uppal
Richard Cavell
Rina Ferrarelli
Ross Woods