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Ellen S. Jaffe
Born in New York City, Ellen S. Jaffe came to Canada in 1979. Her published...
Jim Christy
Jim Christy, a poet and visual artist, has spent his adult life exploring the ways...
Liana Langa
Latvian author Liana Langa is the author of four books of poetry and one of...
Geza Tatrallyay
Geza Tatrallyay was born in Budapest, Hungary, and escaped with his family in 1956, immigrating...
Knuts Skujenieks
Poet, translator and literary critic, Knuts Skujenieks was born in Riga, Latvia in 1936. In...
Edmund P. Fowler
Edmund P. (Terry) Fowler is Professor Emeritus of political science at Glendon College, York University,...
Olindo Romeo Chiocca

Olindo Romeo Chiocca was born in Toronto and lived on Grace Street for a very long time. He is the author of the humourous Mobsters and Thugs (Guernica, 2000).
Olindo Romeo Chiocca
Giose Rimanelli
Lynda Monahan
Suzanne Robertson
Len Gasparini
Émile Nelligan
Mary Melfi
Marianne Ackerman
Mary Tilberg
Brenda Clews
Mandy Kahn
Dino Minni
Sumia Sukkar