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Angela Baldassarre
Angela Baldassarre (1957-2007) was born in Toronto. She was the movie critic for Tandem, Scene,...
Caterina Edwards
Caterina Edwards was born in England to an English father and an Italian mother, and...
Larry Etkin
Larry Etkin is a veteran communications professional who has worked more than four decades as...
K.R. Wilson
K.R. Wilson was born in Calgary and lives in Toronto. An Idea About My Dead...
Concetta Principe
Concetta Principe lives in Toronto. She has a Bachelor's degree from Trent University, two Master's...
Julian Samuel
Currently residing in Toronto after living in Montreal for three decades, Julian Samuel is a...
John Mikhail Asfour

Born in Lebanon, John Mikhail Asfour was the author of five volumes of poetry in English, including Blindfold, which spoke of his experience being blinded by a grenade in his native Lebanon at the age of 13. He was the editor and translator of the landmark anthology, When the Words Burn: An Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry, as well as co-author with Alison Burch of selected poems by Muhammad al-Maghut entitled Joy is Not My...
John Mikhail Asfour
Christine Cormier
Nigel Spencer
Pascal D'Angelo
Guy Rodgers
Giuseppe Conte
Robert Flanagan
Anthony Valerio
W. Strawn Douglas
Marina Sonkina
Lisa Pike
Tom Wayman
Joseph Pivato