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George Elliott Clarke
Acclaimed for his narrative lyric suites (Whylah Falls and Execution Poems), his lyric “colouring books”...
LeRoy Gorman
LeRoy Gorman was born in 1949 and raised on a farm near Merrickville, Ontario. He...
Sonia Di Placido
Sonia Di Placido is a poet, playwright, writer, actor and artist currently completing her MA....
Laura Marello
Laura Marello’s first novel Claiming Kin (Guernica Editions 2010) was a finalist for the Paterson...
Jolene Armstrong
Jolene Armstrong is associate professor in English and Comparative Literature at Athabasca University. Her interests...
Tecia Werbowski
Tecia Werbowski is a social worker and a writer who writes in English and Polish.
Karen Isabel Ocaña

Born in Toronto in 1960, Karen Ocaña grew up multilingual. She began translating, unofficially, at age four. Officially, Karen’s translation career took off in 1980 with a stint in Quebec City, post-referendum, at the Ministère d’Industrie, Commerce et Tourisme. Karen earned a B.A. in French (U of T/86) followed by an M.A. in Comparative Literature (McGill/96) followed by a Graduate Diploma in Translation (McGill/2002). Karen’s translations of essays by Gilles Deleuze, Gilbert Simondon, Bernard Cache,...
Karen Isabel Ocaña
Nancy Anne Miller
Jim Christy
Anthony Di Renzo
Roland Morisseau
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Christine Cormier
Richard Collins
Gaston Miron
Achille Campanile
Giorgio Orelli
Mario Fratti
Eugenio Cirese