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Arlette Francière
Arlette Francière has been a teacher at all educational levels, from kindergarten to university; she has...
Merle Nudelman
Merle Nudelman is a writer, educator, and a former lawyer. Merle’s first book, Borrowed Light,...
Marino Tuzi
Born in 1952, Marino Tuzi lives and teaches in Toronto. He is the author of...
Carlos de Oliveira
Carlos de Oliveira published five novels and 10 collectionss of poetry during his lifetime. Usually...
Émile Nelligan
Émile Nelligan wrote for only two years of his life, from 1897 to 1899. He...
Desi Di Nardo
Desi Di Nardo is a poet and writer whose work has been published in numerous...
Elana Wolff

Elana Wolff has published five collections of poetry with Guernica Editions, including You Speak to Me in Trees, awarded the F.G. Bressani Prize for Poetry and most recently, Everything Reminds You of Something Else. She is also the author of Implicate Me, a collection of essays on contemporary poems; co-author with the late Malca Litovitz of Slow Dancing: Creativity and Illness (Duologue and Rengas); and co-editor with Julie Roorda of Poet to Poet: Poems written...
Elana Wolff
Johnny Armstrong
Ian Thomas Shaw
Mary Melfi
Manijeh Mannani
Brian Day
Giovanna Del Negro
Annika Hannan
Luka Novak
Denise Boucher
Hélène Monette
Sky Gilbert
Dacia Maraini