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Sheena Wilson
Sheena Wilson is Assistant Professor at Campus Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta.
Anthony Di Renzo
Anthony Di Renzo, a fugitive from advertising, teaches writing at Ithaca College and has published...
W. Bruce MacDonald
W. Bruce MacDonald’s poems have appeared in Malahat Review, Quarry, Antigonish Review, THIS Magazine, and...
Ian Thomas Shaw
Ian Thomas Shaw was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. For the last 33 years, he...
Rhea Tregebov
Rhea Tregebov was born in Saskatoon, raised in Winnipeg and for many years lived in...
Robert Viscusi
Robert Viscusi is the author of the novel Astoria, which won an American Book Award...
Thomas Krampf

Thomas Krampf has published six prior collections of poetry. His most recent book is Selected Poems, with the essay Perfecting the Art of Falling (Salmon Poetry, 2013). He has read his work in secondary schools, the universities, and on National Public Radio. The noted French author, Raymond Bozier, translated his long “Subway Prayer” poem with excerpts published in the French literary journal Place Aux Sens. He has collaborated in his work with the modern composers...
Thomas Krampf
Margita Gailitis
Orville Lloyd Douglas
Gilbert Langevin
Marylea MacDonald
Laura Ferri
Peter Wheeland
Sky Gilbert
Pratap Reddy
Tina Biello
Denise Desautels
Hélène Rioux
Nigel Spencer