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Suzanne Jacob
Suzanne Jacob won the Governor General's Award in 1984 for her novel, Laura Laur. She...
Lianne Moyes
Lianne Moyes is an Associate professor at Université de Montréal. She teaches Twentieth-century Canadian writing;...
Will Browning
Will Browning holds a Doctorate of Modern Languages in French and Spanish from Middlebury College,...
Pablo Valdivia
Assistant Professor in Spanish Literature at the University of Amsterdam, Spanish poet Pablo Valdivia is...
Emanuel di Pasquale
Emanuel di Pasquale was born in Sicily and emigrated to the United States in December...
Jeff Sturge
Jeff Sturge is a screenwriter with a career in television spanning over 12 years. He’s...
Don Share

Don Share is Senior Editor of Poetry magazine in Chicago. His books include Seneca in English (Penguin Classics), and most recently a new book of poems, Wishbone (Black Sparrow), and Bunting’s Persia (Flood Editions), a 2012 Guardian Book of the Year and Paris Review Editors’ Choice selection; he has also edited a critical edition of Bunting’s work for Faber and Faber. His translations of Miguel Hernández, collected in I Have Lots of Heart (Bloodaxe Books)...
Don Share
Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni
Roberto Perin
Domenic Beneventi
Degna Marconi
Edmund P. Fowler
Laura Ferri
Jane Dick
Richard Collins
Paul Chamberland
Dorothy Livesay
Theresa Carilli
Camillo Carli