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Jüri Talvet
Born in 1945 in Pärnu, Estonia, Jüri Talvet exemplifies the international public intellectual. His poetry...
Ann Snodgrass
Ann Snodgrass has received the Renato Poggioli Award from the PEN American Center and the...
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco is the author of some twenty volumes of poetry and a...
Daniel Karasik
Daniel Karasik’s previous books include the poetry collection Hungry, the verse drama Little Death, and...
Faraj Bayrakdar
Faraj Bayrakdar is a Syrian writer, author of five books of poetry and one of...
Maria Ardizzi
Maria Ardizzi is a Canadian author who writes and publishes in Italian. Two of her...
Richard Schain

Richard Schain obtained A.B. (philosophy) and M.D. degrees at New York University. Trained in neurology at the Yale Medical Center, he later served as professor of neurology and psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles before embarking on the life of an independent philosopher pursuing the significance of the interior self. Schain first discovered Pessoa in Spanish translation, thereupon becoming a lifelong student of his works. Currently, he divides his time with his wife...
Richard Schain
Catherine Black
Réjean Ducharme
Michael Springate
Denise Boucher
Brenda Clews
Marie-Claire Corbeil
Elizabeth Smart
Priscila Uppal
Pietro Corsi
Marco Micone
D.G. Geis
Giose Rimanelli