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Madeleine Gagnon
Born in Amqui, Quebec, in 1938, Madeleine Gagnon has published over forty books of poetry...
Daniel Sloate
Daniel Sloate (1931-2009) was a prolific poet, playwright and translator. He was the author of...
Juan Garcia
Born in Casablanca, Juan Garcia emigrated to Canada in 1957. Although he studied at the...
Robin Skelton
Robin Skelton (1925-1997) was a British-born academic, writer, poet, and anthologist. Born in Easington, Yorkshire,...
Giovanna Del Negro
Giovanna Del Negro is an assistant professor of English at Texas A&M University and the...
Delia De Santis
Delia De Santis’ short story collection Fast Forward and Other Stories was published in 2008....
Maria Lampadaridou-Pothou

Maria Lampadaridou-Pothou has written plays, poetry, essays, and short stories. She has been honored twice by the Academy of Athens for her novels Maroula of Athens and With the Storm Lamp. She lives in Greece.
Maria Lampadaridou-Pothou
Maria Cristina Seccia
Amelia Rosselli
Vito Teti
Vittoria Repetto
Stephen Orlov
Nicole Gingras
Rosemary Clewes
J.R. (Tim) Struthers
Meg Hurley
Len Gasparini
Betsy Warland
Alberto Di Giovanni