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Caroline Vu
Born in Vietnam, Caroline Vu left her native country at the age of 11 After...
Dave LeBlanc
Toronto-born Dave LeBlanc has been writing weekly as the Globe and Mail’s “Architourist” since 2004....
Paul Lisson
Poet, archivist, and librarian, Paul Lisson was born into a family of union card carrying...
Sylvie Chaput
Essayist and novelist, Sylvie Chaput studied literature and translation. She is a translator specializing in...
Laura Ferri
Laura Ferri is cultural coordinator for the Siena-Toronto Centre in Siena, Italy. Recently she translated...
Vlado Kreslin
One of the Balkan's most beloved folk rock musicians and a national institution in Slovenia,...
Évelyne Wilwerth

Évelyne Wilwerth was born in a 19th century villa in Spa, Belgium. At thirty she left teaching for a writing career. She has written for the theatre, as well as novels, essays and children's fiction. The original version of Smile, you're getting old! (Souriez, vous vieillissez!) has been performed in both Europe and North America. She lives in Brussels.
Évelyne Wilwerth
Nicola Vulpe
Jim Johnstone
Cristina Perissinotto
Priscila Uppal
Jennifer Hosein
Vince Sgambati
Cornelia Hoogland
Les Essif
Irene Guilford
Antonio D'Alfonso
Roberto Perin
Irena Karafilly