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Janet Fraser
Janet Fraser was born in her mother’s ancestral home, Saint John, and returned over 40...
Asma Sayed
Editor Asma Sayed has taught comparative literature, women’s studies, cultural studies and communication studies, at...
Silvano Zamaro
Born in 1949 in Cormons, Italy, Silvano Zamaro emigrated to Canada in 1976. Following the...
Bipin Aurora
Born in Delhi, India, Bipin Aurora came to the United States when he was nine....
Stephen Orlov
Stephen Orlov is an award-winning Montreal playwright, whose plays have been showcased in such major...
Enzo Nicola Terzano
Born in the Molise region of Italy, essayist and journalist Enzo Nicola Terzano teaches mass...
Claudine Bertrand

Claudine Bertrand was born in Montreal. Author of over twenty books of poetry, she has won the Prix Femmes de mérite 1997, has received the Médaille d'or du Rayonnement culturel de la Renaissance française, and won the Prix international de poésie Tristan Tzara 2000-2001. She lives in Montreal.
Claudine Bertrand
Peter Carravetta
Luciano Erba
José Acquelin
Anne Dandurand
Ken Norris
Gilbert Langevin
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Maria Ardizzi
Nancy Anne Miller
Yolande Villemaire
Christine Cormier
Roberto Perin