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Steve Meagher
Steve Meagher grew up in Oakville, Ontario. His poems have appeared in Carousel, The Nashwaak...
Camille A. Isaacs
Camille A. Isaacs is an Assistant Professor of English at OCAD University, specializing in postcolonial,...
Merle Nudelman
Merle Nudelman is a writer, educator, and a former lawyer. Merleā€™s first book, Borrowed Light,...
Vittorio Sereni
Poet of considerable importance in his own right who also played a significant role in...
Gerrit Bussink
Gerrit Bussink is cultural editor of Radio Netherlands.
Camillo Carli
Born in Lucca (Tuscany), Camillo Carli (1920-) studied at the University of Paris and Rio...
Josephine Boxwell

Josephine Boxwell is a freelance writer and digital marketing specialist. Her writing has appeared in several publications, including the Caitlin Press anthology, Wherever I Find Myself: Stories by Canadian Immigrant Women. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Toronto and the BC Interior, and now calls the Edmonton area home. Unravelling is her first novel.
Josephine Boxwell
Emmanuel Merle
Richard Lee
Kayla Altman
Antonella Anedda
Brian Day
Beverly Ellenbogen
Frank Polizzi
Vlado Kreslin
Kenny Marotta
Eleanor Levine
Pasquale Verdicchio
Angelo Principe