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Guernica Editions held its first launch of 2014 on March 23 at Supermarket Restaurant and Bar, presenting the following:

Lorne Elliott - The Goat in the Tree
Against the backdrop of Morocco and France, the hero of The Goat In The Tree travels in pursuit of both an audience for his stories and his next meal. Fictional travelogue, love story, and the misadventures of a teller of tales, Lorne Elliott sends his narrator tip-toeing around the uncomfortable edge of things, out to where stories bloom, and brings them back for us to enjoy.

Lisa Pike - My Grandmother's Pill
A story of mean drunks and happy ones, and of the women who often outlive them, My Grandmother's Pill is a rollercoaster ride through three generations of abuse and addiction. On the heels of divorce, Maude's relationship with Seamus sets the scene for her struggle to break free.

Clara Blackwood - Forecast
Shadowed with foretellings and premonitions, this collection of sometimes sombre, sometimes whimsical poems takes the reader on an odyssey whereby things bizarre, miraculous and bewildering can and often do happen. Where “Shellfish could fall from the skies, / summer and winter / congeal.” Whether drawing inspiration from urban life, the Tarot, atmospheric conditions, misadventure in Toronto, or hauntings in Scotland, Forecast presents a world permeated with the uncanny.

Fernand Ouellete, translated by Antonio D'Alfonso - HOURS
First published in 1988, Les heures marks a turning point in Fernand Ouellette's poetics while at the same time marking a memorable date in Quebec literature. Sparked by the death of his father, Les heures was written in a month, a feverish period of work that produced 81 poems to match the age of his father upon his death. The book has been described as an attempt to take back death, to hold it at bay through poetry.

Kate Marshall Flaherty - Reaching V
“Reaching V” occurs when geese find perfect formation -- riding on air, sharing leadership, and honking encouragement on the journey. These poems explore moments of epiphany, when, like a skein of geese, things align. They investigate moments when supports crumble, and new patterns must emerge. They seek the spark in the ordinary, meaning in loss, and circle back to nature.

Len Gasparini - Mirror Image
In Mirror Image, Len Gasparini conflates lyrical poetry and prose into one voice, a voice that recalls the rock-and-roll Fifties, and then segues into a woman's dramatic monologue, followed by two maverick poets philosophizing on women and sexuality, and concludes with a narrative tinged with nostalgia and tempered with irony.

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Date: March 23, 2014
Time: 4:00 PM
Place: Supermarket Restaurant & Bar, 268 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON, M5T 2L9