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Jennifer Hosein, author of LCP Pat Lowther–longlisted poetry collection A Map of Rain Days, will be reading from in in-process draft of new work.

Draft is a celebration of process. Readers are invited to try something new … anything they’ve always wanted to try but have never had the opportunity. This might involve simply reading new work, but it might also include writing in a genre they’re not known for, collaborating with another writer or someone from a different discipline, incorporating elements from the other arts, reading upside down … anything and everything.

Every reading includes feature readers, and may also include mini-readings by a wide range of emerging and established writers. The readings are fast paced, and very eclectic.

Another component of the series is a publication called Draft including rough drafts, collages, sketches or any kind of raw material. This is a numbered, limited edition available only on the day of the reading, with a cover by Ron Edding. While we’re online, we have suspended the publication, but Ron is still contributing his wonderful art-work. Keep checking our website for the latest edition.

The Draft series upholds anti-oppression principles. That means acknowledging that people are treated differently in our society based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, varieties of ability, and age. We oppose discrimination on the basis of any of these factors. We acknowledge that the land on which we work and live has been the site of human activity for millennia, and that it has been — and continues to be — a site of genocide against Indigenous people. As presenters of stories, we strive to work responsibly, and ask all our writers to do the same: respecting and not appropriating the stories of others. We have a long way to go when it comes to making our readings accessible, but we are striving to constantly improve and welcome feedback.

Date: July 18, 2021
Time: 3:00 PM
Place: Online, 00