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Kosta Gouliamos
Prof. Kosta Gouliamos is elected Vice Rector at the European University Cyprus. He is the author and/or editor of many books and chapters, as well as contributor to two World Reports (published by the International Institute of Communication) on issues pertinent to the subject of Media, Culture and Communication. He has been appointed Member of the Standing Committee of the European Science Foundation, based in Strassbourg and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Social Survey - the first social science project to win Europe's prestigious Descartes Prize 'for exclellence in collaborative scientific research'. He is the editor of the Journal of Critical Studies in Business and Society and Senior Editor of the Journal of Political Marketing(Routledge). Part of his work has been translated in several languages, including French, Spanish, English and Slovak.

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Books by Kosta Gouliamos

Happy Slaves: A Duologue on Multicultural Deficit Mediating Culture: The Politics of Representation