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Biancamaria Frabotta
Biancamaria Frabotta lives and works in her birthplace, Rome. She teaches modern Italian literature at the city's 'La Sapienza' University. Her debut collection, Affeminata (1976), reflects strong feminist and left-wing sympathies. At that time she edited the anthology Donne in poesia (1977), which established her name. In both endeavours she was supported and promoted by Antonio Porta, a protagonist of the New Avant-Garde, which rocked Italian poetry in the 1960s. As a scholar she also contributed to the emancipatory struggle with a collection of essays entitled Letteratura al femminile (1980). Other literary essays from her hand include a study on the poet Giorgio Caproni. She broke through as a poet with the collection Il rumore bianco (1982), followed after a lengthy pause by La viandanza (1995) and Terra contigua (1999).