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Eugénio De Andrade
Eugénio de Andrade was the pseudonym of José Fontinhas (19 January 1923 – 13 June 2005). Born at Póvoa de Atalaia, Fundão, he is revered as one of the leading names in contemporary Portuguese poetry. He has won all of Portugal's literary awards, including the Pen Club Poetry prize (1984). He has often been associated with the generation of 1927 in Spain, especially Garcia Lorca. Translated into over twenty languages, de Andrade's poetry has always exhibited a carefully evoked simplicity. Through naked word and image, he strives to convey what he calls 'the rough or sweet skin of things'. Distrustful of abstractions, he focuses on the world of matter, proclaiming a love for 'words as smooth as pebbles, rough as rye bread'. He died in Porto.

Books by Eugénio De Andrade

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