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Eugenio Cirese
Eugenio Cirese was born in Fossalto, near Campobasso. In the extremely varied landscape of Italian dialect literature, Cirese finds his place as an authentic poet (an opinion held by critics and writers such as Pasolini, Barberi Squarotti, Betocchi and many others) generally considered to have been the first important writer to use the dialect of Molise as a literary language, with a keen awareness of the implications – personal, literary, social, ideological – inherent in such a choice. He instinctively recognized the dignity and latent power of this unwieldy, untested instrument, both mother tongue and sacred language, living witness to what De Benedetti called "la coscienza infelice della storia" (the unhappy conscience of history), and took it from a beginning rooted in the musical tradition of the popular song to the airy lightness and purity of his last poems, always convinced of the absolute, for him almost physical, necessity to write in dialect. He died in 1955.

Books by Eugenio Cirese

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