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Claudio Angelini
Claudio Angelini has served as political correspondent for RAI, the Italian national television network, and is President Emeritus of RAI Corporation. He wrote the book, Obama, a Year of Challenges. Angelini served for years as director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. While U.S. Bureau Chief for RAI, he was the first Italian journalist to broadcast the tragic September 11 terrorist attack. Before moving to the U.S., Angelini was the director of RAI News Radio and the deputy director of TG1 (RAI 1 news office). He also served for 20 years as the RAI chief correspondent for the president of the Italian Republic. He has been editor-in-chief of important cultural publications including Fiera and has published many books of fiction and poetry with notable Italian publishers Rusconi and Bompiani. Renowned intellectuals such as Nobel Prize recipient Salvatore Quasimodo, Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Luzi and Carlo Betocchi have praised Angelini’s work.

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