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Ingrid Ruthig
Photo © Greg Tjepkema
Ingrid Ruthig earned a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Toronto in the 1980s and practised the profession for more than a decade. Her work as a writer, editor, and artist has appeared across Canada and abroad, in publications such as The Best Canadian Poetry in English and numerous other anthologies and journals. She is the author of the poem sequence & artist’s book Slipstream, the chapbook Synesthete II, and editor of The Essential Anne Wilkinson and Richard Outram: Essays on His Works (Guernica Editions’ Essential Writers Series). Her new book of poems is This Being (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, April 2016), and she is currently editing another volume of essays on the work of David Helwig for Guernica’s Writers Series.

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Books by Ingrid Ruthig

Richard Outram: Essays on His Works