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Yann Lovelock
Born in Birmingham, UK, in 1939, Yann Lovelock is an English writer and translator who later became a Buddhist interfaith worker. He served as vice-chair of Freundkreis Poesie Europe (1977-97) and was English editor of its literary annual. As a critic and translator, his main specialization was in the poetry of the Low Countries and he was commissioned to write a study of modern Dutch poetry in translation, The Line Forward (1984). His allied interest was in modernist poetry in Belgian Romance dialects, of which he edited and translated two anthologies, The Colour of the Weather (1980) and In the Pupil’s Mirror (1997). In 1995 he was elected a corresponding member of the Belgian ‘dialect academy’, La Société de Langue et de Littérature Wallonnes. During the 1970s he was commissioned by UNESCO to co-translate several works from Eastern languages. Later translations have included selections from Marianne Larsen (Denmark), Gilles Cyr (Québec) and Serge Pey (France).

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Books by Yann Lovelock

The Graph of Roads: Selected Poems 1968-1999