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Pasquale Verdicchio
Photo © ©2010 Sonny D. Marcyan
Pasquale Verdicchio teaches literature and film in the department of literature at the University of California-San Diego. As a poet, translator, and essayist, he has published translations of Pasolini, Merini, Caproni, Porta, and Gramsci. He is the author of Devils in Paradise: Writings on Post-Emigrant Cultures and the poetry collection The House Is Past, Passenger: Selected Poems (Porta, Antonio and Pasquale Verdicchio, 2000) and The Wall of the Earth (Caproni, Giorgio and Pasquale Verdicchio, 1992).

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Books by Pasquale Verdicchio

Approaches to Absence Dark Man Duologue: On Culture and Identity Fosfeni Moving Landscape Nomadic Trajectory Passenger: Selected Poems The House Is Past: Poems 1978-1998 The Southern Question The Wall of the Earth This Nothing's Place Women and Lovers