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Vittorio Sereni
Poet of considerable importance in his own right who also played a significant role in redirecting Italian poetry away from the hermetic movement to more concrete engagement with contemporary realities. Born in Luino on the Lago Maggiore, he spent his childhood there and in Brescia, moving with his family to Milan in 1932 . He studied literature at Milan University and became part of the group associated with the review Corrente, which was responsible for publishing his first collection, Frontiera (1941 ), in which hermetic self-absorption already shows signs of turning outwards. He was called up in 1941 and captured by the Allies in Sicily in 1943 , spending the rest of the war in a prison camp in North Africa. Diario d'Algeria (1947 ) was born of this experience, and is marked by the sense of enforced separation from the world and from the possibility of moral rebirth that the Resistance offered his contemporaries in Italy. He returned to Milan in 1945 initially as a schoolteacher, moving to public relations at Pirelli in 1952 and to Mondadori in 1958 .

Books by Vittorio Sereni

Variable Star