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W. Strawn Douglas
William Strawn Douglas currently resides at the Minnesota Security Hospital, Saint Peter, Minnesota, where he was committed under a diagnosis of being Mentally Ill and Dangerous in 1993. That was the aftermath of an incident where he stabbed a young woman in the leg during a schizophrenic episode, thinking he could use the “incident” as a way to draw “the law’s” attention to drug distribution activities he objected to. Douglas, born in 1961, grew up immersed in the medical system. His father, William Wallace Douglas, was a physician at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. His mother, Nancy Georgetta Classon, was a nurse and nursing instructor. Douglas has attended the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He is a Marine Corps veteran, has worked in the oilfields of Wyoming, and as a cook at the famed Seward Café on the West Bank area of Minneapolis. He admits to having been active for years as a user of what he calls short order soft drugs, and even participated in distributing some of them. He was never tempted, he says, to use the more serious addictive street drugs. He has also worked as a graphic artist. In his life before Saint Peter, Douglas was an avid bicyclist. These days he spends his time reading science fiction, studying ideas about the shapes of future governments, and trying to combine the two in his fiction writing. Optimistic about how the treatment of his mental illness is progressing, he hopes to finally be released from Saint Peter in the not too distant future, and he hopes to return to school for a nursing degree to provide a professional credential to help his advocacy for change in forensic mental health.

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Books by W. Strawn Douglas

Quarantine of the Mind: Obedience Training for Adult Humans