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Nino Famà
Nino Famà was born in Barcellona P.G. (ME). At the age of 18 he emigrated to Canada, where he has lived ever since. In spite of the years gone by, he has maintained his close ties with Italy by returning annually for visits of variable lengths. In Canada Nino Famà pursued his university studies, obtaining a BA from Brock University, an MA from the University of Western Ontario and a PhD from the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA. He taught Latin American literature at the University of Victoria, British Columbia (1976-1984) and then at the University of Waterloo in Ontario (1984-2008). During his university career, Nino Famà published two books of literary criticism: Realismo mágico en la narrativa de Demetrio Aguilera Malta (Madrid, 1976) and Las últmas obras de Alejo Carpentier (Caracas, 1995). He is also the author of numerous scholarly articles, which have been published in professional journals in Canada, Europe, USA and Latin America. More recently, he has dedicated himself to writing works of fiction in Italian. His latest novel, Il sogno di Toloma (2017), a reworked, amplified and totally restructured version of La stanza segreta, and L’oceano nel pozzo (2014), were published by Pellegrini Editore. The novel, La stanza segreta (2004), was published by Sciascia Editore and was later translated in English by Douglas Campell and Leonard Sbrocchi and published by LEGAS Publising in 2008 with the title The secret room. A collection of short stories, Don Gaudenzio e altre storie, was published by Bastogi Editrice Italiana in 1996.

Books by Nino Famà

The Ocean in the Well