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S. Montana Katz
Montana Katz is a psychoanalyst. She has written two novels (Side Effects: A Footloose Journey to the Apocalypse and Clytemnestra’s Last Day ), a play (adapted from Clytemnestra’s Last Day by the same name), books on psychoanalysis (Contemporary Psychoanalytic Field Theory: Stories, Dreams and Metaphor and Metaphor and Fields: Common Ground, Common Language, and the Future of Psychoanalysis), and two award-winning books on gender bias (The Gender Bias Prevention Book and, with co-author Veronica Vieland, Get Smart: What You Need To Know But Won't Learn In Class About Sexual Harassment And Sex Discrimination. Her writing is situated at the confluence of fact, history and the unconscious.

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Books by S. Montana Katz

Living Dolls and Other Women Side Effects: A footloose journey to the apocalypse