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Pablo Urbanyi
Pablo Urbanyi was born in Hungary in 1939. At the age of eight, he emigrated to Argentina, where he grew up, was educated, and wrote and published his first two books, a collection of short stories and a novel. From 1975 to 1977, the year he emigrated to Canada, he worked as an editor for the cultural supplement of the newspaper “La Opinión” in Buenos Aires. In Canada he continued writing. He published Sunset (1997), Silver (1995) (finalist for the Argentine Planeta award), and El zoológico de Dios (2006), all translated into Hungarian, French and English. His writing is characterized by critical humour, and a subtle and profound irony. In addition to being a Planeta finalist, he has received other awards and mentions: he was the winner of the 2004 Somos la Expresión Literaria Award, Latin American Achievement Awards, Toronto. His native city, Ipolyság in Hungary, named him Honorary Citizen for his literary achievements. He has given lectures, seminars, and readings in Germany, Spain, and France, and published five more books. He is a member of PEN International. Pablo makes his home in Ottawa.

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Books by Pablo Urbanyi

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