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Vito Teti
Vito Teti is the founder and current director of the Centre for the Study of the Anthropologies and the Literatures of the Mediterranean at the University of Calabria, where he also holds the chair in cultural anthropology. In his research he has devoted particular attention to the eating habits of the peoples of the Mediterranean area, to the anthropology of travel and migration, to rituals and feasts in traditional and contemporary societies, to the representations of the Italian South. He is the author of various collections of essays, of historical novels, of short stories (which have been translated in English, French and Spanish), as well as of photo reportages and ethnographic documentaries. Among his most recent publications are Il patriota e la maestra (2012), Maledetto Sud (2013), Fine pasto. Il cibo che verrà (2015), Terra inquieta. Antropologia dell’erranza meridionale (2015), Quel che resta. L’Italia dei paesi, tra abbandono e ritorno (2017).

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Books by Vito Teti

Stones into Bread