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Thomas Krampf
Thomas Krampf has published six prior collections of poetry. His most recent book is Selected Poems, with the essay Perfecting the Art of Falling (Salmon Poetry, 2013). He has read his work in secondary schools, the universities, and on National Public Radio. The noted French author, Raymond Bozier, translated his long “Subway Prayer” poem with excerpts published in the French literary journal Place Aux Sens. He has collaborated in his work with the modern composers Mike Sahl and Sun Mi Ro. St. Bonaventure University has established an archive for the work of Thomas Krampf. A graduate of Dartmouth college, he attended the Sorbonne in Paris. He has also specialized in teaching poetry to developmentally disabled children. He and his wife, Françoise, a retired engineer, live in southwestern rural New York They have three daughters and grandchildren.

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Books by Thomas Krampf

The Divine Genome