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Chava Rosenfarb
One of the most important Yiddish writers of the second half of the 20th century, Chava Rosenfarb (1923-2011) was born in Lodz, Poland. During the Second World War she was incarcerated in the Lodz ghetto. When the ghetto was liquidated in 1944, she was deported to Auschwitz and then to Bergen Belsen, where she was liberated by the British army in 1945. After the war, she lived as a displaced person in Belgium before settling in Montreal in 1950. Beginning with the 1947 publication of Di balade fun nekhtikn vald (The Ballad of Yesterday’s Forest), she authored three books of poetry in Yiddish. Her novels include The Tree of Life: A Trilogy of Life in the Lodz Ghetto (published in Yiddish in 1972 and in English in 2004-6), Bociany, Of Lodz and Love (published in 2000 in English) and Letters to Abrasha (not yet available in English). A collection of her short stories was published in English in 2004 under the title Survivors: Seven Short Stories. Rosenfarb received a number of international awards, including Israel’s prestigious Manger Prize (the highest award for Yiddish literature), the Niger Prize from Argentina, the Award of the American Professors of Yiddish, the John Glassco Prize for Literary Translation, and the Helen and Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Award. In 2006, she received an honorary degree from the University of Lethbridge. Her landmark Holocaust trilogy, The Tree of Life: A Trilogy of Life in the Lodz Ghetto, remains one of the seminal works of fiction about the Holocaust.

Books by Chava Rosenfarb

Exile at Last: Selected Poems