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Brenda Porster
Brenda Porster is a native of Philadelphia who has lived most of her adult life in Florence. She is a poet and literary translator. As a poet she writes both in English and Italian and is a member of the international Compagnia delle poete, founded by Mia Lecomte. Her poems appear in numerous literary magazines and websites in Italy (including Le Voci della luna, Pagine, Sagarana, El Ghibli, Forma Fluens) and abroad (The Browne Critique, Calcutta; Gradiva, New York), as well as in many thematic and group anthologies: Furori (2003), Uomini, (2004), Genesi (2005), Gatti come angeli (2006), Corporea (2009), HaikuLei (2010), Varianti urbane (2011) and Prismi: dispatri poetici in Italia (2011). From Italian into English she has translated Mario Luzi (in Toscana Mater, 2004) and a large number of poets now writing in Italian, including Rosaria Lo Russo, Mia Lecomte, Cristina Annino, Marco Simonelli, Gabriella Musetti, Tito Maniacco, Michele Porsia, Fiorenza Mormile, Loredana Magazzeni. From English into Italian, with Giorgia Sensi, she published a presentation of the English poet Vicki Feaver, Vicki Feaver, La fanciulla che ritrovò le sue mani for Poesia (2006); in 2009, with L. Magazzeni, F. Mormile and A. Robustelli, she translated and edited the anthology Corporea: la poesia femminile contemporanea di lingua inglese.

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