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Philippe Haeck
Philippe Haeck has published over twenty books in which he explores the movements of goodness, song, children, madness, nakedness, painting, suicide, and faces. His first book, Nantes, was published in 1974 and in 2018 his novel came out with the title, Il y tant d’il y a. His prose poetry and notes capture the light of the quotidian. A lover of book-voices, Haeck compares his enormous library to an enchanted forest. Married since 1968, he is the father of two and the grandfather of four. Guernica Editions published The Clarity of Voices: Selected Poems, translated by Antonio D’Alfonso. He was the recipient of the 1982 Prix Emile-Nelligan and the 1984 Governor General's Award. He lives in Montreal.

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Books by Philippe Haeck

Tell Me What Moves You The Clarity of Voices: Selected Poems 1974-1981