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Mia Lecomte
Poet, writer and author of children's books and plays, Mia Lecomte lives between Rome and Paris. Among her most recent publications are the books of poetry Autobiografie non vissute (2004), Terra di risulta (2009), Intanto il tempo (2011) – from which a part of this translation was taken – and Al museo delle relazioni interrotte (2016); and Cronache da un’impossibilità (2015). Her poems have been translated and published in poetry magazines and anthologies in Italy and abroad. A translator from French, Mia Lecomte is also a critic and editor in the field of comparative literature, especially as regards transnational literature. She edited the anthologies Ai confini dei verso: Poesia della migrazione in italiano (2006), and Sempre ai confini del verso: Dispatri poetici in italiano (2011), and co-edited with Luigi Bonaffini A New Map: The Poetry of Migrant Writers in Italy (2011). She is the creator of the International “Compagnia delle poete” (Company of Women Poets:

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Books by Mia Lecomte

For The Maintenance of Landscape: Selected Poems