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Denise Boucher
Born in 1935 in Victoriaville, Quebec, feminist poet, playwright, and essayist Denise Boucher moved to Montreal, where she pursued a career in broadcasting and journalism. In 1978, her play Les Fées ont soif caused a massive protest by the Catholic church for its portrayal of the Virgin Mary as a symbol of women oppressed by the patriarchy. Though some Catholics did everything they could to keep the show from going on (including picketing the theatre and reciting the rosary in the audience during the play), the work went on to several translations and productions in Quebec and abroad, and the published play went into three printings. Les Divines, produced in 1996, continues an exploration of feminism in its portrait of seven daughters who reunite in a ritual wake for an idealized mother. Boucher was president of the Union des écrivains québécois from 1998-2000, and continues to be an activist in the promotion of Quebec literature.

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Books by Denise Boucher

The Divine Sisters